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Keyword: wiggler

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Change of the Energy Distribution in an Electron Storage Ring by a Dipole-Octupole Wiggler betatron, damping, field, octupole 2392
  • A. Hofmann, J. Jowett, S. Myers
Free Electron Lasers accelerator, electron, field, laser 3125
  • P. Morton
Progress in the FEL Project at the C.N.E.N. Frascati Center electron, laser, microtron, undulator 3133
  • G. Dattoli, E. Fiorentino, T. Letardi, A. Marino, A. Renieri
The 'All Wiggler' Synchrotron Radiation Source emittance, field, multipole, radiation 3153
  • The ESRF Machine Sub-Group
An Experiment on FEL Efficiency Enhancement with a Variable Wiggler electron, field, laser, radiation 3156
  • H. Boehmer, M.Z. Caponi, J. Edighoffer, S. Fornaca, J. Munch, G. Neil, B. Saur, C. Shih
Free Electron Laser Instability for a Relativistic Electron Beam in a Helical Wiggler Field electron, field, instability, laser 3187
  • H.S. Uhm, R.C. Davidson
Beam Quality Limitations to the Single Pass FEL Devices electron, emittance, field, laser 3194
  • G. Dattoli, A. Marino, A. Renieri
Design of a 6 Tesla Wiggler for the National Synchrotron Light Source electron, field, radiation, synchrotron 3292
  • H. Hsieh, S. Krinsky, A. Luccio, A. van Steenbergen
Laser Beat Wave Electron Accelerator acceleration, electron, field, radiation 3346
  • P. Sprangle, C.-M. Tang