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Keyword: feedback

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Phase Lock of Rapid Cycling Synchrotron and Neutron Choppers chopper, extraction, field, neutron 2171
  • W. Praeg, D. McGhee, G. Volk
Theoretical Treatment of Transverse Feedback Systems with Memory betatron, damping, impedance, kicker 2255
  • M. Cornacchia, J.M. Wang
The Isabelle Accelerator Software, Control System and Beam Diagnostic Philosophy acceleration, accelerator, injection, lattice 2264
  • M. Cornacchia, J.W. Humphrey, J. Niederer, J.H. Poole
The Transverse Feedback System for the CERN PS Booster betatron, booster, damping, tune 2270
  • C. Carter, C. Christiansen, J. Donnat, G. Gelato, M. Le Gras, H. Schönauer, D.J. Williams
The Transverse Feedback System in DESY damping, injection, kicker, synchrotron 2285
  • W. Ebeling
Control System for the Stony Brook Superconducting Heavy Ion Linac field, heavy-ion, linac, software 2293
  • J.M. Brennan, J. Hasstedt, J.W. Noé, C. Pancake, A. Scholldorf, G.D. Sprouse
Operation of the PEP Transverse Beam Feedback damping, modulator, pick-up, synchrotron 2296
  • C.W. Olson, J.M. Paterson, J.-L. Pellegrin, J.R. Rees
FMIT Direct-Current Beam Monitor field, irradiation, power-supply 2299
  • A.T. Brousseau, D.D. Chamberlin
A Novel Current Monitor for DC and Modulated Magnets in the Proton Storage Ring coupling, impedance, proton 2314
  • B.R. Sandberg
Operation of PEP Longitudinal Feedback System damping, klystron, spectrum, synchrotron 2317
  • M.A. Allen, L.G. Karvonen, R.A. McConnell, H. Schwarz
Control Electronics of the PEP RF System field, insertion, klystron, synchrotron 2320
  • J.-L. Pellegrin, H. Schwarz
60 MHZ 6 Bit Digital to Analog Converters for the Super Beam Damper of the Fermilab Main Accelerator accelerator, timing 2326
  • R.J. Pasquinelli
The Low-Level RF Beam Controlled System for the Booster of the Beijing Proton Synchrotron (BPS) booster, crystal, pick-up, synchrotron 2336
  • R.Y. Cui, S.C. Zhong, C.G. Zhou
A Toroidal DC Beam Current Transformer with High Resolution antiproton, modulator, proton, vacuum 2344
  • K. Unser
An Absolute Calibrator for DCI Beam Current Monitors lifetime, modulator, shielding, vacuum 2375
  • M. Bergher
Instability Growth Rate Calculations for High Energy Storage Rings accelerator, damping, impedance, resonance 2437
  • R. Siemann
Advanced Stochastic Cooling Mechanisms booster, deceleration, kicker, target 2459
  • W. Kells
Stochastic Cooling of Bunched Beams damping, simulation, stochastic cooling, synchrotron 2462
  • J.J. Bisognano, S. Chattopadhyay
A Single Beam Multibunch Instability at CESR impedance, instability, octupole, tune 2561
  • J. Seeman, K. Adams, M. Billing, E. Blum, J. Gareyte, J. Kirchgessner, R. Littauer, B. McDaniel, R. Meller, S. Peck, S. Peggs, D. Rice, G. Rouse, R. Siemann, R. Sundelin, R. Talman, M. Tigner, E. vonBorstel
Pulsed RF Operation Analysis cathode, coupling, electron, impedance 2729
  • M. Puglisi, M. Cornacchia
A Four Quadrant Magnet Power Supply for Superconducting and Conventional Accelerator Applications accelerator, booster, impedance, quadrupole 2809
  • R.J. Yarema
High-Speed High-Precision Programmable Magnet Power Supply for a Wide Range of Magnet Time Constants accelerator, damping, injection 2859
  • J. Lisser, K. Bouwknegt
Beam Developments at TRIUMF cyclotron, field, muon, target 2879
  • R. Baartman, J. Beveridge, E.W. Blackmore, M.K. Craddock, D. Dohan, J. Doornbos, G. Dutto, K.L. Erdman, C.J. Kost, R. Laxdal, J.A. MacDonald, G.H. Mackenzie, P.W. Schmor, J.S. Vincent
Beam - and Drive - Controlled Amplifier for the Isabelle Accelerating System cathode, impedance, tune 2893
  • A. Luccio, M. Puglisi
Design of a Power Amplifier for the LAMPF Proton Storage Ring Transverse Damper System coupling, monitoring, proton 2952
  • J.S. Lunsford
A Simplified RF Power System for Wideroe-Type Linacs accelerator, coupling, modulator, vacuum 2955
  • J. Fugitt, F. Crosby, D. Howard, R. Johnson, M. Nolan, G. Yuen
A New, Rugged, High Power Cockcroft-Walton Power Supply coupling, damping, ion, linac 2961
  • J. Hinkson, G. Behrsing, E. Hazelton, W. Hearn, H. Lancaster
Active Filter for High Current dc Magnets acceleration, accelerator, booster, impedance 3014
  • F. F. Cilyo, F.E. Mills, Y. Miyahara
The Rapid Cycling Synchrotron Extraction Kicker Magnet Drive System extraction, kicker, synchrotron, timing 3017
  • D.E. Suddeth, G.J. Volk
RF Stacking System in the TARN equilibrium, ferrite, field, injection 3049
  • T. Katayama, T. Fujino, K. Omata, M. Takanaka, N. Tokuda, S. Watanabe, M. Yoshizawa
Improving Regulation in the Fermilab Main Ring Magnet Power Supply System controls, field, injection, resonance 3088
  • D. Wolff, C. Briegel, J. Dinkel, H. Pfeffer