Applications of Accelerators

Title Page
Heavy Ion Accelerators for Inertial Fusion 3110
  • L.C. Teng
Intense Pulsed Neutron Sources 3115
  • R.L. Kustom
New Applications of Particle Accelerators in Medicine, Material Sciences, and Industry 3120
  • E.A. Knapp
Free Electron Lasers 3125
  • P. Morton
Synchrotron Radiation from Ends of Straight-Linear Interval 3130
  • M.M. Nikitin, A.F. Medvedev, M.B. Moiseev
Progress in the FEL Project at the C.N.E.N. Frascati Center 3133
  • G. Dattoli, E. Fiorentino, T. Letardi, A. Marino, A. Renieri
A Permanent Magnet Undulator for SPEAR 3136
  • K. Halbach, J. Chin, R. Cronin, E. Hoyer, H. Winick, J. Yang, Y. Zambre
Pulsed Neutron Source from the Intense Particle Beam Generator THALIE 3139
  • C. Bruno, N. Camarcat, J. Cortella, C. Patou, B. Tournier
Gain Measurement on the ACO Storage Ring Laser 3142
  • D.A.G. Deacon, C. Bazin, M. Billardon, P. Elleaume, Y. Farge, J.M.J. Madey, J.M. Ortéga, Y. Petroff, K.E. Robinson, M.F. Velghe
Status of the Aladdin Project 3145
  • E.M. Rowe, M.A. Green, J.W. Hicks, W.S. Trzeciak, W.R. Winter Jr.
Prescription for a Gain-Enhanced Free Electron Laser with an Electromagnetic Pump Field 3147
  • H.R. Hiddleston, S.B. Segall
Beam Characteristics in the LAMPF Biomedical Channel 3150
  • M. Paciotti, J. Bradbury, H. Inoue, O. Rivera, S. Sandford
The 'All Wiggler' Synchrotron Radiation Source 3153
  • The ESRF Machine Sub-Group
An Experiment on FEL Efficiency Enhancement with a Variable Wiggler 3156
  • H. Boehmer, M.Z. Caponi, J. Edighoffer, S. Fornaca, J. Munch, G. Neil, B. Saur, C. Shih
Modeling a Heavy Ion Driver for an ICF Power Plant 3160
  • M.D. Nahemow
Status of the National Synchrotron Light Source Project 3163
  • R.N. Heese
Free Electron Laser Experiment at the NSLS 700 MeV Electron Storage Ring 3166
  • J.P. Blewett, L. Blumberg, A.J. Campillo, R.P. DiNardo, H.C. Hsieh, S. Krinsky, A. Luccio, C. Pellegrini, J. Schuchman, P.Z. Takacs, A. Van Steenbergen
Free Electron Lasers based on High Current Electron Beam 3169
  • A.N. Didenko, A.R. Borisov, G.R. Fomenko, A.V. Kozevnikov, G.V. Melnikov, Yu.G. Stein, A.G. Zerlitsin
A New Stringer for the LAMPF Radiation Effects Facility 3172
  • R.D. Brown, C.F. Hansen
Design of UVSOR Light Source at IMS 3175
  • M. Watanabe, T. Katayama, M. Kihara, O. Matsudo, K. Sakai, K. Takami, A. Uchida, K. Yoshida
Computation of Intrabeam Charge Exchange Rate 3178
  • R.A. Sacks, R.C. Arnold
A Conceptual Design for an Accelerator System for a Very High-Intensity Pulsed Neutron Source Using a Linear Induction Accelerator 3181
  • M.H. Foss
Xe+n - Xe+n Charge Exchange Experiment Using a Split-Beam and Beam Intersection Technique 3184
  • M.G. Mazarakis, G.H. Berry, E.P. Colton
Free Electron Laser Instability for a Relativistic Electron Beam in a Helical Wiggler Field 3187
  • H.S. Uhm, R.C. Davidson
A Low Energy Van De Graaff Accelerator for the Study of Semiconductor Detector Surfaces and of the Stopping Power of Biological Materials 3190
  • A.K.M.M. Haque
Beam Quality Limitations to the Single Pass FEL Devices 3194
  • G. Dattoli, A. Marino, A. Renieri