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Keyword: focusing

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Numerical Simulation of the Acceleration of Ion-Loaded Electron Rings acceleration, electron, field, ion 999
  • A. C. Greenwald, M.P. Reiser
Microton Using a Superconducting Electron Linac Van de Graaff, electron, field, linac 1176
  • P. Axel, A.O. Hanson, J.R. Harlan, R.A. Hoffswell, D. Jamnik, D.C. Sutton, L.M. Young
On Beam Blowup in a Racetrack Microtron deflecting mode, electron, linac, microtron 1194
  • V.A. Volodin, A.O. Hanson
Fermilab Energy Doubler Magnets-Magnetostatics accelerator, extraction, field, quadrupole 1206
  • S.C. Snowdon
High Efficiency, CW, High Power Klystrons for Storage Ring Applications cathode, coupling, cw, klystron 1249
  • G.T. Konrad
Status Report on Klystron Improvements accelerator, cathode, field, klystron 1324
  • J.V. Lebacqz
Effects in Low Periodicity Lattices Resulting from Low Insertions insertion, lattice, sextupole, tune 1429
  • R.W. Chasman, E.D. Courant, M. Month
The Design of the Zero Gradient Synchrotron Booster II Ring Magnet booster, field, injection, synchrotron 1613
  • M.H. Foss, R.J. Lari, J. Simpson, K. Thompson
The Beam-Matching System between Pre- and Main-Accelerator for the Van de Graaff-Cyclotron-Combination VICKSI Van de Graaff, accelerator, cyclotron, ion 1722
  • G. Hinderer, K.H. Maier
Performance of a Multicavity Racetrack Microtron accelerator, electron, field, microtron 1758
  • H.R. Froelich, J.J. Manca
Can Coherent UV Radiation Be Obtained from Existing Electron Storage Rings? electron, field, laser, radiation 1821
  • H. Schönauer
Bunch Shape Osciallation Control in RF Trapping acceleration, field, resonance, space-charge 1847
  • I. Gumowski, D. Zanaschi
Experimental Research of the Closed Orbit Expansion Effect in the Strong Focusing Cyclotron cyclotron, extraction, field, target 1862
  • A.T. Vasilenko, Yu.N. Denisov, V.P. Dmitrievsky, V.P. Dzhelepov, A.A. Glazov, V.V. Kalinichenko, V.V. Kolga, D.L. Novikov, L.M. Onischenko, N.I. Polumordvinova, E.V. Samsonov, P.T. Shishlyannikov, B.I. Zamolodchikov, N.I. Zaplatin
COMA - A Linear Motion Code for Cyclotrons coupling, cyclotron, equilibrium, field 1922
  • C.J. Kost, G.H. Mackenzie