Collective Acceleration and Intense Beams

Title Page
Uses of Intense Electron Beams 956
  • A.C. Kolb
Collective Acceleration with Intense Electron Beams 962
  • C.L. Olson
Pulserad 1480 - A 9 MV Pulsed Electron Accelerator with an Intensely Focused Beam 970
  • P. Champney, P. Spence
Harp, A Short Pulse, High Current Electron Beam Accelerator 975
  • K.R. Prestwich
Untriggered Water Switching 979
  • J.P. VanDevender, T.H. Martin
The VEBA Relativistic Electron Accelerator 983
  • R.K. Parker, M. Ury
Collective Acceleration of Protons and Helium Ions in the Garching Era 989
  • U. Schumacher, C. Andelfinger, M. Ulrich
Compression of Electron Ring: The System and Results in IPP-Japan 992
  • S. Kawasaki, N. Kobayashi, Y. Kubota, A. Miyahara
Single Particle and Collective Effects Observed in the Electron Beam of the Maryland Era Experiment 995
  • W.W. Destler, D.W. Hudgings, R.A. Kehs, P.K. Misra, M.J. Rhee
Numerical Simulation of the Acceleration of Ion-Loaded Electron Rings 999
  • A. C. Greenwald, M.P. Reiser
Research Performances on Superconducting Devices for Collective Accelerator in JINR 1003
  • Yu.V. Muratov, N.B. Rubin, V.P. Sarantsev, Yu.A. Shishov, Yu.I. Smirnov, A.G. Zeldovich
Experimental Investigation of Linear-Beam Collective Ion Acceleration in Vacuum 1006
  • G.T. Zorn, C.N. Boyer, H. Kim
A New Collective Effect, High Flux Ion Accelerator 1009
  • G.C. Goldenbaum
TRACE I, A Transformer-Charged Electron Beam Generator 1013
  • G.J. Rohwein
Rectilinear Transition Flow of Intense Charged Particle Beams 1016
  • A.M. Chodorow, A. Erteza
A Two-Dimensional Intense Relativistic Beam Equilibrium 1019
  • A.M. Chodorow, A. Erteza
Scaling Studies of Collective Ion Acceleration with Intense Relativistic Electron Beams 1022
  • R.B. Miller, D.C. Straw
Analysis of the Resonant Transformer Accelerator in the Gated and Ungated Beam Mode 1026
  • J.R. Uglum