Forthcoming Meetings

The 2013 Team Meeting will take place in the US towards the end of the year (to be confirmed)

Team Meetings and Workshops
IFIC Team Meeting, November 2012: Website, SPMS proceedings
SINAP Team Meeting, November 2011: Website, SPMS proceedings
BNL Team Meeting, November 2010: Website, SPMS proceedings
DESY Team Meeting, November 2009:  Website, InDiCo Programme
KEK Team Meeting, November 2008:  Website, InDiCo Programme, Notes of the Meeting, Christine's Photos, Ivan's Photos, Yong Ho's Photos
Knoxville Team Meeting, October 2007Website, Notes of the Meeting
Trieste Team Meeting, 23-27 March 2007:  Website, InDiCo Programme, John Poole's summary (ppt)
Frascati Team Meeting, November 2005 Slides and Programme, List of Participants
Knoxville Database Meeting, May 2005:  Programme, and Transparencies, Summary of the Meeting, Annex 1 (Introduction, Ch. Petit-Jean-Genaz), Annex 2 (What's new in SPMS, M. Arena), Annex 3 (Registration Module, M. Arena, Annex 4 (Registration Module, C. Horak), Annex 5 (Registration Module, C. Petit-Jean-Genaz), Annex 6 (SPMS Manual, C. Petit-Jean-Genaz)
Knoxville Team Meeting, November 2004:  Programme
Trieste Team Meeting, December 2003Slides, Summary of the Meeting, List of Participants
Portland Team Meeting, May 2003, Database Review:  Slides from Matt Arena, Sara Webber, Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz, Summary of the Meeting
Berkeley Team Meeting, November 2002:  Slides and Photos, Draft Summary, Summary, List of Participants
Conclusions of the CERN Team Meeting, February 2002
Conclusions of the Frascati Team Meeting, March 2001
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop, BNL, December 1999
Steering Committee Meetings and Notes
Genoa, 26 June 2008, InDiCo Site with Transparencies
Albuquerque, 26 June 2007, InDiCo Site with Transparencies
Edinburgh, 29 June 2006, InDiCo Site with Transparencies
Summary Notes, Knoxville, 19 May 2005, and Transparencies
Summary Notes, Lucerne, 8 July 2004
Summary Notes, Portland, 15 May 2003, and Annex 1 to Notes
Summary Notes, Paris, 6 June 2002
Summary Notes, Chicago 21 June 2001
Summary Notes, Vienna, 29 June 2000
Summary Notes, New York, 1 April 1999
Summary Notes, Stockholm, 25 June 1998
Summary Notes, Vancouver, 14 May 1997