Provisional Agenda of the Next Steering Committee

The next meeting of the JACoW Steering Committee will take place from 12:00 to 14:00 on Thursday, 19 May during PAC'05, in Room 300 C-D, Knoxville Convention Centre.

1. Introduction (Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz, for the JACoW Steering Committee Chairman)
2. Report on JACoW Activities since the last Steering Committee during EPAC'04, Lucerne
3 . Brief Reports (<10 minutes) from Conferences: 
APAC'04, Gyeongiu
LINAC'04, Luebeck
(Volker Schaa, Michaela Marx),
(Yasushige Yano),
FEL'04, Trieste
RuPAC'04, Dubna
EPAC'04, Lucerne
(Jan Chrin, Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz),
PAC'05, Knoxville
(Charlie Horak),
ICALEPCS'05, Geneva
DIPAC'05, Lyon
(Volker Schaa),
FEL'05, Stanford
(Rebecca Reitmeyer), 
EPAC'06, Edinburgh
(Hywel Owen),
LINAC'06, Knoxville
(Charlie Horak),
APAC'07, India
(Akihiro Shirakawa), 
PAC'07, Albuquerque
(Luce Salas),
CYCLOTRONS'07, Catania
(Luciano Calabretta)|
Scanning of CYCLOTRONS Proceedings (Mike Craddock)
4. Election of Chairman of Steering Committee (new mandate from 2005) (Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz)
5. Date and Place of Next Team Meeting
6. Any Other business
  For Reference:
Notes of Previous Steering Committee and Team Meetings