Provisional Agenda of the JACoW SPMS Database Development Meeting

A JACoW SPMS Development Meeting will take place on Wednesday, 11 May 2005 from 09:00 in the Knoxville Convention Centre, Rooms 300 C-D -
Meet at 08:50 Main Entrance to the KCC (side closest to the Holiday Inn)

1. Introduction (Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz, for the JACoW Steering Committee Chairman)
2. SPMS:  Modus Operandi (Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz)
Repository Data, Confidentiality, Security
3. What's New in the SPMS : Scientific Programme Module
PC Interface (refereeing, re-classification, selection of contributed orals, scheduler, etc.) (Matt Arena)
Scripts (Volker Schaa)
4. SPMS Development:  Registration Module
Custom tool as developed for PAC'05 (Matt Arena, Charlie Horak)
An alternative idea for discussion (.doc,) Powerpoint Presentation (Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz)
5. SPMS Experience in connection with PAC'05 (Charlie Horak)
6. Status of Preparation of SPMS User Manual (Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz)
7. Discussion of Issues (Round Table)
Special characters (UTF or what?)
8. Requests for Developments (Round Table discussion and decisions)
Forms to contributors from Laboratories (Rebecca Reitmeyer)
PC Interface (proposals for invited oral presentations) (Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz)
PAC vs EPAC "Styles" (Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz)
Papers identified for publication in Journals (PRST-AB for example)(Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz)
New layer of Security/Administrator Passwords
9. Summing up, Decisions and Actions (Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz)
10. Next SPMS Database Meeting