JACoW Team Meeting,
Berkeley, November 2002

Database Workshop

The European Integrated Digital Conferencing Project (InDiCo), Thomas Baron, CERN.
Database Implementation for EPAC'02, Pascal Le Roux. [Requires Internet Explorer]

There were no other formal presentations during the workshop but a full report on the workshop has been prepared by the rapporteurs and there was a summary presented by Ivan Andrian.

JACoW Status Report and Terms of Reference

JACoW Status Report and Terms of Reference, John Poole, CERN.

Reports from Recent Conferences

LINAC 2000 and ICALEPCS 2001, Sharon West, SLAC.
, John Poole, CERN.

LINAC 2002
, Jinhyuk Choi, POSTECH.

Reports from Future Conferences

ICALEPCS 2003, Jinhyuk Choi, POSTECH.
, Toshiya Tanabe, RIKEN.

Technical Reports

Status of PAC Scanning Project, Sara Webber, FNAL.
KEK Mirror Site
, Andrei Lounine, KEK.

Publication of Meta Data for Libraries

Report from SPIRES, Travis Brooks, SLAC.
Report from CERN
, Thomas Baron, CERN

New Developments

Experiments at FNAL, Matt Arena, FNAL.
JACoW XML Project Follow up
, Ivan Andrian, Trieste


By Ivan Andrian.
By Matt Arena.
By John Poole