EPAC1994 Keywords
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Keyword: octupole

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Modeling of Beam Dynamics and Comparison with Measurements for the Advanced Light Source (ALS) lattice, quadrupole, skew, tune 1021
  • J. Bengtsson (LBNL), M. Meddahi (CERN)
Sources of Amplitude Dependent Tune Shift in the PEP-II Design and their Compensation with Octupoles field, fringe fields, quadrupole, tune 1033
  • E. Forest, D. Robin, A. Zholents (LBNL), M. Donald, R. Helm, J. Irwin, H. Moshammer (SLAC)
Effect of Space Charge Tune Shift on Transverse Instabilities betatron, impedance, synchrotron, tune 1165
  • M. Blaskiewicz, W. T. Weng (BNL)
The Space Charge Effect in Slow Extraction by Third Integer Resonance field, lattice, resonance, tune 1233
  • Yu. Senichev, V. Balandin (INR of RAS, Moscow)
Magnetic Field Features of the Asymmetric Magnetic Circuit on the Sextupole Magnet electron, field, multipole, sextupole 1247
  • C. S. Hwang, C. H. Chang, M. H. Huang, S. Yeh (SRRC, Hsinchu), P. K. Tseng (National Taiwan U.), G. J. Hwang (National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu)
Phase Space Description of Particle Beam Dynamics in the Thermal Wave Model focusing, quadrupole, sextupole, thermal 1365
  • R. Fedele, G. Miele (Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche, Univ. di Napoli and INFN, Sez. di Napoli), V. I. Man'ko (Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche, Univ. di Napoli and Lebedev Institute, Moscow), F. Galluccio (INFN Sezione di Napoli)
Field Quality Improvements in Superconducting Magnets for RHIC accelerator, collider, field, quadrupole 2298
  • R. Gupta, A. Jain, S. Kahn, G. Morgan, P. Thompson, P. Wanderer, E. Willen (BNL)