High-Current Accelerators

Title Page
Induction Accelerator Development for Heavy Ion Fusion 656
  • L.L. Reginato (LBNL)
Generation and Focusing of High Energy, 35-kA Electron Beams for Pulsed-Diode Radiographic Machines: Theory and Experiment 661
  • R. L. Carlson, M. J. George (LANL), T. P. Hughes, D.R. Welch (Mission Research Corporation)
Numerical Investigation of High-Current Ion Beam Acceleration and Charge Compensation in Two Accelerating Gaps of Induction Linac 664
  • N. G. Belova (Russian Academy), V. I. Karas' (Kharkov Institute)
The Light-Ion Pulsed Power Induction Accelerator for the Laboratory Microfusion Facility (LMF) 667
  • M. G. Mazarakis, L. F. Bennett, J. Boyes, T. R. Lockner, R. E. Olson, J. W. Poukey, D.L. Smith (Sandia National Lab)
First Operation of the LELIA Induction Accelerator at CESTA 670
  • Ph. Eyharts, Ph. Anthouard, J. Bardy, C. Bonnafond, Ph. Delsart, A. Devin, P. Eyl, P. Grua, J. Labrouche, J. Launspach, P. Le Taillandier, E. Merle, A. Roques, M. Thevenot, D. Villate, J. de Mascureau (CEA-CESTA)
An Induction Linac and Pulsed Power System at KEK 673
  • J. Kishiro, K. Ebihara, S. Hiramatsu, Y. Kimura, T. Ozaki, K. Saito, K. Takayama, D.H. Whittum (KEK)
Design and Operation of Inductive Acceleration Modules for FEL with Controlled Voltage Ramp 676
  • S. Kawasaki (Saitama U.), H. Ishizuka (Fukuoka Institute Tech.), S. Nakajima, Y. Yamashita (Hitachi Ltd.), H. Maeda, K. Sakamoto, M. Shiho (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute), A. Tokuchi (Nichicon Corporation)
Study on Induction Accelerator for Industrial Applications 679
  • Y.S. Cho, K.H. Baik, K. H. Chung (Seoul National University), B.H. Choi (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
Linear Induction Accelerators for Industrial Applications 682
  • M. I. Demsky, A. E. Baranovsky, A. P. Kuprianov, D. E. Trifonov, Yu. P. Vakhrushin, A. A. Volzhev (Efremov Institute)
High Power, High Brightness Electron Beam Generation in a Pulse-Line Driven Pseudospark Discharge 685
  • W. W. Destler, K. Ramaswamy, M. Reiser, J. Rodgers, Z. Segalov (University of Maryland)
Experimental Study of Post-Acceleration and Transport of a Pseudospark-Produced Electron Beam 688
  • C. J. Liu, M. J. Rhee (University of Maryland)
Compound-Lens Injector for a 19-MeV, 700-kA Electron Beam 691
  • T. W. L. Sanford, J. A. Halbleib, J. W. Poukey (Sandia National Lab), R. C. Mock (Ktech Corp)
Electron Flow in the SABRE Linear Induction Adder in Positive Polarity 694
  • J.R. Smith (Titan / Spectra), M. Bernard, M. E. Cuneo, D. L. Hanson, J. W. Poukey, S. E. Rosenthal (Sandia National Lab)
Design and Progress of the AIRIX Induction Accelerator 697
  • J. de Mascureau, Ph. Anthouard, J. Bardy, C. Bonnafond, Ph. Delsart, A. Devin, Ph. Eyharts, P. Eyl, P. Grua, J. Labrouche, J. Launspach, P. Le Taillandier, E. Merle, A. Roques, B. Sacepe, M. Thevenot, D. Villate (CEA-CESTA)
Nuclear Fusion of Protons with Ions of Boron 700
  • A.G. Ruggiero (BNL)
Heavy Ion Fusion Injector Program 703
  • S. Yu, W. W. Chupp, S. Eylon, A. Faltens, T. Fessenden, E. Henestroza, R. Hipple, D. Judd, C. Peters, L. Reginato, H. Rutkowski, J. Stoker, D. Vanecek (LBNL), J. Barnard, G. Caporaso, Y.-J. Chen, Y.J. Chen, F. Deadrick, A. Friedman, D. Grote, D. Hewett (LLNL)
Ion Pulse Propogation Through a Previously Unfilled Electrostatic Aperture Lens Accelerating Column 706
  • H.L. Rutkowski, S. Eylon, D. S. Keeney (LBNL), J. Barnard, Y.-J. Chen, D. W. Hewett (LLNL)
ILSE-ESQ Injector Scaled Experiment 709
  • E. Henestroza, S. Eylon, S. Yu (LBNL), D. Grote (LLNL)
One Dimensional Simulations of Transients in Heavy Ion Injectors 712
  • J.J. Barnard, G.J. Caporaso (LLNL), S. Eylon, S.S. Yu (LBNL)
Analysis of Beam Loading in Electrostatic Columns 715
  • G.J. Caporaso, J.J. Barnard (LLNL)
Simulation of Transient Effects in the Heavy Ion Fusion Injectors 718
  • Y.-J. Chen, D. W. Hewett (LLNL)
Electrostatic Quadropoles for Heavy-Ion Fusion 721
  • P. Seidl, A. Faltens (LBNL)
Simulations Studies of Space-Charge-Dominated Beam Transport in Large Aperture Ratio Quadropoles 724
  • W.M. Fawley, C.M. Celata, A. Faltens, L. J. Laslett (LBNL), I. Haber (Naval Research Laboratory)
Three Dimensional PIC Simulation of Heavy Ion Fusion Beams: Recent Improvements to and Applications of WARP 727
  • D.P. Grote, A. Friedman (LLNL), I. Haber (Naval Research Laboratory)
Longitudinal Beam Dynamics for Heavy Ion Fusion 730
  • D. A. Callahan, A. Friedman, A. B. Langdon (LLNL), I. Haber (Naval Research Laboratory)
Correction of Longitudinal Errors in Accelerators for Heavy-Ion Fusion 733
  • W.M. Sharp, J.J. Barnard, D. A. Callahan, A. B. Langdon (LLNL), T. J. Fessenden (LBNL)
System Modeling for the Longitudinal Beam Dynamics Control Problem in Heavy Ion Induction Accelerators 736
  • A. N. Payne (LLNL)
Development of FET-Switched Induction Accelerator Cells for Heavy-Ion Fusion Recirculators 739
  • M. A. Newton, W. R. Cravey, S.A. Hawkins, H. C. Kirbie, C. W. Ollis (LLNL)
Parametric Studies for Recirculating Induction Accelerators as Drivers for Heavy-Ion Fusion 742
  • R. L. Bieri (Schafer Associates)
A Fusion Device of the Continuous Electron Beam Confinement Used by the Accumulating Ring with the Continuous Injection 745
  • S. Gao, G. Qian (CIAE China)