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Keyword: crystal

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Crystal Optics of High Energy Beams extraction, halo, radiation, scattering 177
  • M.D. Bavizhev, V.M. Biryukov, A.I. Drozhdin, A.R. Dziba, Y.S. Fedotov, K.P. Myznikov, A.M. Taratin, S.A. Vorobiev, I.A. Yazunin
On Using Bent Single Crystals for Proton Extraction from IHEP Accelerator accelerator, channeling, extraction, proton 189
  • A.A. Asseev, M.D. Bavizhev, Y.S. Fedotov, E.A. Ludmirsky, V.A. Maisheev, E.A. Mjae
Bent Single Crystals to Form High Energy Particle Beams channeling, emittance, extraction, proton 192
  • N.A. Galyaev, Y.A. Chesnokov, V.I. Kotov, S.V. Tsarik, V.N. Zapol'sky
Effect of RF Phase Noise on the SSC Beam collider, extraction, lattice, simulation 216
  • J.A. Ellison, B.S. Newberger, H.-J. Shih
DELTA Beam Position Monitor accelerator, beam position monitor, electron, pick-up 1154
  • S. Brinker, R. Heisterhagen, K. Wille
A 256 Channel Digital Filter for a Data Acquisition System cyclotron 1455
  • W. Roberts, B. Aikens
Smart Rack Monitor for the Linac Control System accelerator, commissioning, linac, software 1484
  • S. Shtirbu, R.W. Goodwin, E.S. McCrory, M.F. Shea
An Automated RF Control and Data Acquisition System for Testing Superconducting RF Cavities coupling, field, modulator, software 1508
  • C. Reece, P. Kushnick, T. Powers
Intelligent Power Supply Controller accelerator, controls, object oriented, software 1537
  • R.S. Rumrill, D.J. Reinagel
Channeling Crystals for Positron Production channeling, positron, radiation, target 2002
  • F.-J. Decker
Overall Simulation of a Positron Beam Generated by Photons from Channeled MultiGeV Electrons electron, photon, positron, simulation 2101
  • X. Artru, R. Chehab, A. Jejcic, J. Maillard, J. Silva