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Keyword: chopper

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A Chopper Driven 11.4-GHz Traveling-Wave RF Generator emittance, field, induction, spectrum 646
  • G. Westenskow, J. Boyd, J. Haimson, T. Houck, B. Mecklenburg, D. Rogers, R. Ryne
The Linac and Booster RF Systems for a Dedicated Injector for SPEAR booster, gun, linac, vacuum 769
  • J.N. Weaver, S. Baird, M. Baltay, M. Borland, C. Chavis, L. Emery, R.D. Genin, R. Hettel, R.H. Miller, H. Morales, H.-D. Nuhn, J. Safranek, J. Sebek, J. Voss, D. Wang, H. Wiedemann, B. Youngman
Control Theory: A Practical Approach coupling, cyclotron, feedback, injection 952
  • M. Anderson, T. Bertuccio
Prototype Studies of a 1 MHz Chopper for the KAON Factory accelerator, factory, injection, kicker 964
  • G.D. Wait, M.J. Barnes, D. Bishop, C.B. Figley, G. Waters
Results of Calculations on the Beam Deflection Due to the 1 MHz Chopper for the Kaon Factory accelerator, factory, field, simulation 967
  • M.J. Barnes, G.D. Wait
Design and Performance of the Traveling-Wave Beam Chopper for the SSRL Injector booster, gun, impedance, linac 976
  • M. Borland, R. Anderson, M. Baltay, L. Emery, A.S. Fisher, P. Golceff, R. Hettel, R.H. Miller, H. Morales, J. Sebek, J.N. Weaver, H. Wiedemann, B. Youngman
Triggers and Timing System for the SSRL 3 GeV Injector booster, injection, kicker, timing 1478
  • R. Hettel, D. Mostowfi, R. Ortiz, J. Sebek
Controls and Interlocks for a Prototype 1 MHz Beam Chopper factory, field, kicker, timing 1531
  • G. Waters, M.J. Barnes, D. Bishop, G.D. Wait
Commissioning of the SSRL Injector acceleration, booster, injection, linac 2865
  • S. Baird, J. Safranek
Algorithm for the Deflector Plates of the 1 MHz Chopper for the Kaon Factory accelerator, factory, field, injection 2883
  • M.J. Barnes, G.D. Wait
Switching Power Supply Regulation of Storage Ring Magnets accelerator, diagnostics, quadrupole, sextupole 2923
  • M.G. Billing
A Novel Concept for a Lithium Lens Exciter background, field, simulation, survey 3132
  • G.G. Karady, H.A. Thiessen
The ELETTRA 1.5 GeV Electron Injector electron, field, klystron, linac 3180
  • D. Tronc, C. Bourat, P. Girault, P. Letellier, A. Massarotti, G. Meyrand, S. Sierra, D.T. Tran
Microwave and Beam Optics Design Features of a Preinjector Linac for a Synchrotron Radiation Source accelerator, injection, linac, waveguide 3183
  • J. Haimson, B. Mecklenburg