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Keyword: brightness

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Physics and Technology Challenges of Ultra Low Emittance Synchrotron Light Sources electron, radiation, synchrotron, undulator 11
  • S. Krinsky
Electron Density Enhancement in a Quasi Isochronous Storage Ring acceptance, betatron, radiation, synchrotron 398
  • C. Pellegrini, D. Robin
Control of Energy Sweep and Transverse Beam Motion in Induction Linacs acceleration, accelerator, electron, induction 581
  • W.C. Turner
Characteristics of the H-/D- Beam Extracted from an RF-Driven Volume Source emittance, extraction, field, ion 2023
  • G. Gammel, T. Debiak, K. Leung, D. McDonald, J. Sredniawski
Superconducting RF Activities at Peking University acceleration, electron, field, ion 2396
  • C. Chen, J. Song, G. Wang, L. Wang, B. Zhang, K. Zhao
Real Time Global Orbit Feedback System for NSLS X-Ray Ring accelerator, betatron, feedback, x-ray 2542
  • L.H. Yu, R. Biscardi, J. Bittner, A.M. Fauchet, S. Krinsky, R.J. Nawrocky, J. Rothman, O.V. Singh, K.M. Yang
The ALS-A High-Brightness XUV Synchrotron Radiation Source photon, radiation, synchrotron, x-ray 2640
  • A.L. Robinson, A.S. Schlachter
Lattice Studies for a Small Storage Ring emittance, insertion, lattice, scattering 2871
  • P. Kiefer, W. Vernon
Three-Dimensional Space Charge and Image Charge Effects in Radio-Frequency-Quadrupole Accelerators accelerator, emittance, simulation, space-charge 3032
  • F.W. Guy
Funneling Study with a Low Energy Proton Beam emittance, field, funneling, ion 3076
  • W. Barth, A. Schempp
Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Tuning Linear Induction Accelerators accelerator, beamline, field, induction 3082
  • D.L. Lager, H.R. Brand, F. Chambers, F. Coffield, W.J. Maurer, W. Turner
Degradation of Brightness by Resonant Particle Effects field, instability, resonance, solenoid 3100
  • Y.-J. Chen, G.J. Caporaso, A.G. Cole, A.C. Paul, W.C. Turner
ETA-II Beam Brightness Measurement accelerator, emittance, field, induction 3106
  • A.C. Paul, S.L. Allen, F.W. Chambers, Y.-J. Chen, F.J. Deadrick, W.C. Turner
High Brightness Sources for Colliders channeling, electron, lattice, photon 3270
  • J.E. Spencer