Beam Dynamics I (oral session)

Title Page
The Impact of Persistent Current Field Errors on the Stability of the Proton Beam in the HERA Proton Ring 2483
  • F. Willeke, F. Zimmerman
Tuning of Final Focus System for Future Linear Colliders 2488
  • K. Oide
Beam Dynamics of Cooled Heavy Ion Beams 2492
  • I. Hofmann
Emittance Growth in Mismatched Charged Particle Beams 2497
  • M. Reiser
Correction of the First Order Beam Transport of the SLC Arcs 2500
  • N. Walker, T. Barklow, P. Emma, P. Krejcik
A New Method of Correcting the Trajectory In Linacs 2503
  • T.O. Raubenheimer, R.D. Ruth
Energy Change of a Depolarizing Resonance Due to a Type-3 Siberian Snake 2506
  • M.G. Minty, R. Baiod, E.D. Courant, Y.S. Derbenev, T. Ellison, J.E. Goodwin, A.D. Krisch, S.Y. Lee, P.V. Pancella, R.A. Phelps, L.G. Ratner, T. Rinckel, T. Roser, M.A. Ross, F. Sperisen, E.J. Stephenson, B. Vuaridel, B.S. van Guilder, B. von Przewski
Impedance Measurements with Strongly Cooled Beams at LEAR 2509
  • J. Bosser, M. Chanel, M. Gurevitch, D. Manglunki, D. Mohl, F. Pedersen, G. Tranquille, D. Vandeplassche
Visualization of Wake Fields in 3-D 2512
  • F.A. Harfoush, T.G. Jurgens