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Keyword: CAMAC

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The Bates Pulse Stretcher Ring Control System Design accelerator, instrumentation, linac, software 85
  • T. Russ, A. Carter, Z. Radouch, C. Sibley
Jitter in H- Beam Position at Neutral Particle Beam Test Stand accelerator, collimation, linac, neutron 542
  • A.H. Novick, M.R. Kraimer
RF Phase Measurement at Phermex Using Time-To-Digital Converters accelerator, electron, field, gun 1591
  • S.A. Watson, G.R. Jennings, D.C. Moir
A Beam Position Monitor for Low Current DC Beams accelerator, beam position monitor, electron, impedance 1602
  • P. Adderley, W. Barry, J. Heefner, S. Jachim, P. Kloeppel, R. Rossmanith, M. Wise
A Digital Control System for Accelerator Operator-Host Computer Interface accelerator, controls, ion, vacuum 1672
  • I. Tilbrook
Vax Q-Bus to CAMAC Systems Crate Interface for Long Camac Branches controls, field, timing 1690
  • S. Sarkar, P. Bennett, Y. Miles, M. Mouat, A. Purvis, W. Roberts
Microprocessor Control for CEBAF RF Control Module accelerator, klystron, modulator, software 1861
  • I. Ashkenazi, G.E. Lahti
Numerically Controlled Oscillator for the Fermilab Booster accelerator, booster, field, synchrotron 1888
  • J.L. Crisp, R.J. Ducar
Modular Magnet Current Regulator accelerator, electron, feedback, focusing 1905
  • G. Burtner, N. Dobeck, O. Garza, R. LaMora
Microprocessor Based Power Supply Control System background, crystal, instrumentation, software 1990
  • R.S. Rumrill