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Keyword: lifetime

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IUCF Cooler Ring Status 1989 cyclotron, electron, injection, target 17
  • R.E. Pollock
The Heidelberg Heavy Ion Cooler Storage Ring TSR electron, ion, proton, spectrum 49
  • G. Bisoffi, M. Blum, A. Friedrich, C. Geyer, M. Grieser, D. Habs, H.W. Heyng, B. Holzer, E. Jaeschke, A. Jason, M. Jung, D. Krämer, K. Matl, A. Noda, W. Ott, R. Repnow, F. Schmitt, M. Steck, E. Steffens
Engineering Design of the Interaction Waveguide for High-Power Accelerator-Driven Microwave Free-Electron Lasers accelerator, electron, field, laser 246
  • D.B. Hopkins, H.W. Clay, G. Listvinsky, M.A. Makowski, B.W. Stallard, A.L. Throop
Bevatron Local Injector Duoplasmatron Ion Source Performance acceleration, impedance, ion, solenoid 292
  • E. Zajec, G. Stover
Hall Effect Magnetic Field Regulation Systems for the CESR Injector field, injection, neutron, quadrupole 357
  • C.R. Dunnam
Operational Experience with Using Collimators to Remove Halo in the Tevatron Collider background, collider, emittance, proton 439
  • S.M. Pruss, C. Crawford, D. Finley, M. Harrison
Record Capture and Acceleration Efficiency in the SURF-II 300 MeV Circular Storage Ring accelerator, field, kicker, microtron 461
  • L.R. Hughey
SRS-2: Performance and Achievements betatron, brilliance, lattice, tune 467
  • V.P. Suller, J.N. Corlett, D.M. Dykes, S. Haslam, S. Hill, E.A. Hughes, M.W. Poole, P.D. Quinn, S.L. Thomson
Lifetime of Passive Quench Protection Diodes in the SSC irradiation, neutron, quench, radiation 509
  • J. Ziegler, R. Carcagno
Stochastic Cooling and Storage Tests with Oxygen Ions in LEAR injection, ion, scattering, stochastic cooling 645
  • S. Baird, J. Bosser, M. Chanel, C. Hill, D. Krämer, R. Ley, D. Möhl, D. Manglunki, P. Tetu, G. Tranquille
Measurement and Simulation of Beam-Beam Effects in the Weak/Strong Regime damping, simulation, synchrotron, tune 824
  • S.V. Milton, R.M. Littauer
Interaction of CESR Vacuum Pumps with Stored Beam coupling, damping, instability, vacuum 1163
  • M.G. Billing, M. Giannella, R.M. Littauer, G.R. Rouse
Review of Beam Dynamics Experiments and Issues in Large Colliders emittance, injection, resonance, tune 1414
  • D.A. Edwards, M.J. Syphers
The Shot Summary System for the Tevatron Collider accelerator, antiproton, collider, laser 1633
  • N. Gelfand, E. Martensson
Luminosity Lifetime in the Tevatron Collider emittance, injection, lattice, luminosity 1824
  • D.A. Herrup, D. Finley, G. Jackson
Calculation of Integrated Luminosity for Beams Stored in the Tevatron Collider collider, emittance, luminosity, scattering 1834
  • D.A. Finley
An Improved Phase-Control System for Superconducting Low-Velocity Accelerating Structures coupling, field, linac, thermal 1978
  • J.M. Bogaty, B.E. Clifft, K.W. Shepard, G.P. Zinkann