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Keyword: undulator

Title Other Keywords Page
Brightness and Coherence of Radiation from Undulators and High-Gain Free Electron Lasers brightness, electron, radiation, synchrotron 194
  • K.-J. Kim
Two-Stage Free-Electron Laser Driven by an Electrostatic Accelerator accelerator, electron, gun, laser 227
  • I. Kimel, L.R. Elias, G. Ramian
Update on Aladdin electron, injection, radiation, synchrotron 391
  • E. M. Rowe
Canted-Pole Transverse Gradients in Planar Undulators electron, emittance, field, focusing 428
  • K.E. Robinson, D.C. Quimby
Inner Undulator Electron Diagnostic Stations alignment, electron, field, vacuum 449
  • K.E. Robinson, T.E. DeHart
Spectral Character of Optimized Undulator Insertion Devices for the Synchrotron X-Ray Source at Argonne brilliance, field, photon, radiation 473
  • S.H. Kim, G.K. Shenoy, P.J. Viccaro
Allowable Field Errors in Undulators Used as Synchrotron Radiation Sources betatron, electron, field, radiation 479
  • J.M. Slater
Single Particle Dynamics in the LBL 1-2 GeV Synchrotron Radiation Source in the Presence of Magnetic Imperfections, Magnet Displacement Errors and Insertion Devices field, insertion, multipole, quadrupole 482
  • A. Jackson, H. Nishimura
Undulator Tunability and Synchrotron Ring-Energy field, injection, photon, synchrotron 485
  • P.J. Viccaro, G.K. Shenoy
An Automatic Beam Steering System for the NSLS X-17T Beam Line Using Closed Orbit Feedback feedback, photon, radiation, x-ray 512
  • R.J. Nawrocky, M. Li, O.V. Singh, L.H. Yu
Vacuum Chamber for an Undulator Straight Section ion, photon, positron, vacuum 1625
  • S. Kim, L. Genens, R. Wehrle
Micropole Undulators in Accelerator and Storage Ring Technology insertion, linac, radiation, synchrotron 1681
  • R. Tatchyn, P. Csonka, A. Toor