Free Electron Lasers

Title Page
Induction Linac-Based FELs 178
  • R.J. Briggs, D.L. Birx, D.S. Prono, D. Prosnitz, L.L. Reginato
RF Linac Based Free Electron Lasers 183
  • S. Penner
Radiation Focusing, Guiding and Steering in Free Electron Lasers 189
  • P. Sprangle, B Hafizi, C.M. Tang, A. Ting
Brightness and Coherence of Radiation from Undulators and High-Gain Free Electron Lasers 194
  • K.-J. Kim
Plasma Wave Wigglers for Free Electron Lasers 199
  • C. Joshi, F.F. Chen, J.M. Dawson, T. Katsouleas, Y.T. Yan
A Single-Pass Free-Electron Laser for Soft X-Rays with Wavelengths 10 nm 202
  • J.C. Goldstein, B.D. McVey, B.E. Newnam, T.F. Wang
Analysis of Free Electron Laser Performance Utilizing the National Bureau of Standards' CW Microtron 205
  • C.-M. Tang, X.K. Maruyama, S. Penner, P. Sprangle
Gain of an FEL with an Unmatched Electron Beam 209
  • B Hafizi, P. Sprangle, A. Ting
On-Line Electron Beam Measurements for the Los Alamos Free-Electron Laser 212
  • A.H. Lumpkin, D.W. Feldman, R.B. Feldman, W.E. Stein
Progress in the Design of a DC FEL Power Source Using a Pelletron Driver 215
  • D.J. Larson, J.R. Adney, D.R. Anderson, D.B. Cline, S.J. Dehais, F.E. Mills, J.B. Rosenzweig, M.L. Sundquist
Quadrupole Free Electron Laser 218
  • B Levush, T. Antonsen, Jr., C. Menyuk
The Los Alamos Free-Electron Laser Energy-Recovery Experiment 221
  • D.W. Feldman, C.A. Brau, B.E. Carlsten, J.S. Fraser, A.H. Lumpkin, G. Spalek, W.E. Stein, H. Takeda, T.F. Wang, R.W. Warren, J.M. Watson
The Sideband Instability in Free Electron Laser 224
  • S Riyopoulos, C.M. Tang
Two-Stage Free-Electron Laser Driven by an Electrostatic Accelerator 227
  • I. Kimel, L.R. Elias, G. Ramian
A Compact Energy Recovered FEL for Biomedical and Material Science Applications 230
  • R. Rohatgi, H. A. Schwettman, T. I. Smith