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Keyword: solenoid

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Design of a High Yield Position Source accelerator, field, positron, target 1832
  • F. Bulos, H. DeStaebler, S. Ecklund, R. Helm, H. Hoag, H. Le Boutet, H.L. Lynch, R. Miller, K.C. Moffeit
Description of a High Rate Luminosity Monitor Installed at CESR accelerator, lattice, luminosity, radiation 1925
  • G.P. Jackson, S.W. Herb
Theory of Non-Planar Orbits accelerator, betatron, field, focusing 2221
  • A. Antillon, M. Month
Electron Cooling Device for TARN II electron, field, gun, ion 2412
  • T. Tanabe, Y. Hirao, T. Honma, M. Kodaira, A. Noda, K. Sato, M. Sekiguchi, M. Takanaka, J. Tanaka, H. Tsujikawa
Design of the Axial Injection System for the NSCL Cyclotrons cyclotron, field, injection, ion 2450
  • F. Marti, J. Griffin, V. Taivassalo
KOBRA3- Three Dimensional Raytracing Including Space-Charge Effects emittance, extraction, field, ion 2465
  • P. Spädtke
The LBL Neutralized Beam Focusing Experiment electron, field, ion, simulation 2486
  • G.A. Krafft, C.H. Kim, L. Smith
Self-Consistent Non-K-V Distributions for Periodic Focusing Systems emittance, field, focusing, quadrupole 2516
  • J. Struckmeier
Macrofilament Simulation of High Current Beam Transport emittance, field, simulation, tune 2519
  • R.J. Hayden, M.J. Jakobson
Circular-Beam Ray Tracing on a Microcomputer emittance, focusing, simulation, space-charge 2591
  • J.D. Schneider
CW Operation of the FMIT RFQ Accelerator cw, emittance, thermal, vacuum 3139
  • W.D. Cornelius
Details of the Cryogenic System for the Cornell Superconducting RF Beam Tests monitoring, thermal, vacuum 3787
  • J. Kirchgessner, P. Demjanic, C. Henderson, S. Herb, N. Mistry, L. Phillips, J. Walters
High Vacuum Portable Pumping Station Suitable for Accelerator Use accelerator, controls, ion, vacuum 3800
  • P. Stattel, J. Briggs, W. DeBoer, R. Skelton