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Keyword: finite element

Title Other Keywords Page
Beam Transmission of RFQ1 Calculated Using the Finite Element Method for Space and Image Charges accelerator, emittance, field, quadrupole 2459
  • B.G. Chidley, N.J. Diserens
Progress in the Development of a 3D Finite Element Computer Program to Calculate Space and Image Charge Effects in RF Quadrupoles accelerator, acceptance, bunching, field 2501
  • N.J. Diserens
The Higher-Order Modes Calculation of RF Cavity with Finite Element Method field 2983
  • X.W. Chu, F. Xiang, W. Zhou, H. Zhuang
Thermal and Structural Analysis of Ring Components by the Finite Element Method photon, thermal, vacuum, wiggler 3051
  • R. Alforque, S. Sharma
Magnetic Field Computations of Fringe Fields between a Dipole and a Quadrupole Magnet antiproton, field, quadrupole, software 3616
  • L. Rinolfi, K. Preis, K.H. Richter, H. Stögner
Comparison of Magnetic Field Calculations to Measurements on a CBA 2-in-1 Magnet System accelerator, field, quadrupole, sextupole 3692
  • S. Kahn, R. Gupta, G. Morgan, P. Thompson
Beam Line Windows at LAMPF irradiation, neutron, thermal, vacuum 3812
  • R.D. Brown, D.L. Grisham, J.E. Lambert