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Keyword: antiproton

Title Other Keywords Page
Tevatron I: Energy Saver and Source commissioning, extraction, injection, target 1582
  • G. Dugan
The CERN SPS Proton-Antiproton Collider collider, injection, luminosity, proton 1650
  • B. de Raad
Performance of the RF Bunch Coalescing System in the Fermilab Main Ring emittance, ferrite, rf cavities, timing 1684
  • P. Martin, K. Meisner, H. Miller, G. Nicholls, D. Wildman
A Low Level RF System for the Fermilab Tevatron accelerator, controls, feedback, synchrotron 1687
  • K. Meisner, H. Edwards, J. Fitzgerald, Q. Kerns
Beam Intensity, Position and Profile Measurements for P Colliders collider, injection, proton, synchrotron 1865
  • J. Bosser, R. Bossart, L. Burnod, A. Chapman-Hatchett, E. D'Amico, S. Péraire, R. Schmidt
The TeV I Beam Position Monitor System accelerator, beam position monitor, betatron, commissioning 1927
  • S.D. Holmes, J.D. McCarthy, S.A. Sommers, R.C. Webber, J.R. Zagel
Data Requirements and Handshake for the CERN Antiproton Transfer Operations from the AA and PS to Client Machines accelerator, collider, software, timing 2035
  • V. Chohan
Data Acquisition System Design for Production Measurements of Magnets for the Fermilab Antiproton Source CAMAC, accelerator, field, software 2050
  • B.C. Brown, M.F. Gormley, D.J. Harding, M.E. Johnson, A.J. Lennox, K.J. McGuire, J.E. Pachnik, J.K. Plymale, R.A. Shenk, A.A. Wehmann
Beam Separation at the CERN SPS Collider collider, lifetime, proton, tune 2209
  • L.R. Evans, A. Faugier, R. Schmidt
Antiproton Losses at Large Transverse Amplitudes in the CERN Antiproton Accumulator and Corrective Measures Using Skew Quadrupoles and Sextupoles betatron, injection, sextupole, skew 2231
  • V. Chohan, Z.Y. Guo, C.D. Johnson, E.J.N. Wilson
Performance Limitations of the CERN SPS Collider emittance, lifetime, proton, tune 2234
  • L.R. Evans, J. Gareyte
New RF Exercises Envisaged in the CERN-PS for the Antiprotons Production Beam of the ACOL Machine accelerator, bunching, emittance, synchrotron 2332
  • R. Garoby
Direct Observation of Microwaves Excited in the Fermilab Beam Pipe by Very Narrow Bunches emittance, field, impedance, instability 2359
  • J.E. Griffin, J.A. MacLachlan
Suppression of Propagating TE Modes in the FNAL Antiproton Source Stochastic Beam Cooling System S-parameter, ferrite, field, waveguide 2424
  • W.C. Barry
Intermediate Energy Electron Cooling of Antiprotons to Improve the Luminosity of Antiproton-Proton Colliders accumulation, electron, electron cooling, emittance 2430
  • D.B. Cline, F.T. Cole, D. Larson, F.E. Mills, D. Young
Beam Envelope Solution of a Finite Emittance Beam Including Space Charge and Acceleration electron, emittance, gun, optics 2433
  • D.J. Larson, F.T. Cole, F.E. Mills
Performance of LEAR extraction, injection, resonance, stochastic cooling 2652
  • The LEAR Team
RF Beam Recombination ("Funnelling") at the CERN PSB by Means of an 8 MHz Dipole Magnet acceptance, emittance, injection, vacuum 2760
  • G. Nassibian, K. Schindl
A Low Shunt Impedance 53 MHz RF System for RF Stacking in the Fermilab Antiproton Accumulator coupling, damping, impedance, vacuum 2803
  • J.E. Griffin, J.R. Misek, A. Moretti, G.L. Nicholls
Fabrication and Operation of the 4 MV 53 MHz RF System for the Fermilab Antiproton Source Debuncher Ring alignment, coupling, rf cavities, vacuum 2806
  • J.E. Griffin, V. Bharadwaj, J.A. MacLachlan, J.E. Misek, A. Moretti
Injection into the New CERN Antiproton Collector Ring acceptance, injection, quadrupole, target 3000
  • C.D. Johnson, S. Maury, T.R. Sherwood, A.H. Sullivan
Kickers and Power Supplies for the Fermilab Tevatron I Antiproton Source extraction, injection, kicker, vacuum 3003
  • T. Castellano, L. Bartoszek, J. McCarthy, J. Petter, E. Tilles
Proton Extraction and Transport for PBar Production in Tevatron I extraction, kicker, proton, target 3009
  • G. Dugan, J. Dinkel, M. Harrison, D. Johnson, G. Krafczyk, M. May, J. McCarthy, W. Merz, E. Tilles
Conducting Targets for Production of ACOL Past Experience and Prospects acceptance, focusing, proton, target 3060
  • T.W. Eaton, S. Hancock, C.D. Johnson, E. Jones, S. Maury, S. Milner, J. C. Schnuriger, T.R. Sherwood
Beam Tests of a 2 cm Diameter Lithium Lens focusing, proton, quadrupole, target 3063
  • D.C. Fiander, G. Dugan, C. Hojvat, C.D. Johnson, A. Lennox, S. Maury, T.R. Sherwood
Development of Lithium Lenses at CERN electron, field, focusing, thermal 3066
  • P. Sievers, R. Bellone, A. Ijspeert, P. Zanasco
Abort Kicker Power Supply Systems at Fermilab accelerator, impedance, kicker, proton 3581
  • G. Krafczyk, G. Dugan, M. Harrison, K. Koepke, E. Tilles
A Large Aperture Pulsed Septum Magnet for Antiproton Injection into the CERN AC Ring accumulation, field, injection, septum 3613
  • P. Pearce, H. Boer Rookhuizen, P.J.T. Bruinsma, T.R. Sherwood, A. Vogel
Magnetic Field Computations of Fringe Fields between a Dipole and a Quadrupole Magnet field, finite element, quadrupole, software 3616
  • L. Rinolfi, K. Preis, K.H. Richter, H. Stögner
Magnet Current Bypass Shunt accelerator, quadrupole 3757
  • F. Cilyo, J. McCarthy, B. Wisner
Very High Precision Current Regulated Power Supplies for the Fermilab Antiproton Source accelerator, acceptance, controls, coupling 3778
  • J. McCarthy, L. Farkas, D. Wolff