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Keyword: septum

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The Design of the Argonne Double-Sided Microtron acceleration, field, linac, microtron 2077
  • T.K. Khoe, Y. Cho, R.J. Holt, H.E. Jackson, G.S. Mavrogenes
Multiturn Injection acceptance, emittance, injection, simulation 2574
  • S. Fenster, G. Bart, H. Takeda
On the Multiturn Injection of High-Power Beams into an Accumulator Ring brightness, injection, proton, tune 2767
  • P.F. Meads, Jr.
Upgrading the CERN PS Booster for SPS Multi-Pulse Filling and Antiproton Production booster, field, injection, timing 2803
  • K. Schindl, PSB Staff
Physics and Medicine: The Bevatron/Bevalac Experience, 1979-1980 accelerator, field, ion, maintenance 2823
  • F. Lothrop, J. Alonso, R. Force, H. Grunder, S. Lewis, R. Miller, M. Tekawa
An Improved Copper Septum Magnet Design accelerator, field, radiation, vacuum 2832
  • E.S. Rodger, H.L. Weisberg
Mechanical Design of Lambertson Magnets for Injection into the Energy Saver accelerator, field, injection, vacuum 2842
  • M. May, H. Edwards, M. Harrison, R. Isiminger, J. Jagger
On the Design of Fast Kickers for the ISABELLE Beam Abort System extraction, field, impedance, kicker 2921
  • R.J. Nawrocky, J. Baron, P.A. Montemurro
Radiation Heating from Beam Loss on ISABELLE Ejection Septa extraction, quench, radiation, vacuum 2924
  • A.J. Stevens
K-500 Superconducting Cyclotron Deflector High Voltage Tests cathode, cyclotron, extraction, field 2982
  • T. Antaya, P. Miller, D. Poe
The New AGS Slow Beam Switchyard emittance, field, target, vacuum 2985
  • H. Brown, R. Brown, L. Chimienti, J.W. Glenn, R. Hulliger, E. Jablonski, J. Jahelka, D. Lowenstein, R. Marascia, A. Pendzick, L. Repeta, J. Sandberg, A. Soukas, W. Walker, H. Weisberg, R. Witkover, P. Yamin
Extraction for ISABELLE betatron, extraction, kicker, quench 3065
  • J. Claus, H. Foelsche
Injection Dynamics and Multiturn Charge-Exchange Injection into the Fast Cycling Synchrotron for the SNS field, injection, proton, synchrotron 3085
  • V.C. Kempson, C.W. Planner, V.T. Pugh
An Electrostatic Beam Splitter for the SIN 590 MeV Proton Beam Line cathode, field, proton, vacuum 3094
  • M. Olivo, U. Rohrer, E. Steiner
Xe+n - Xe+n Charge Exchange Experiment Using a Split-Beam and Beam Intersection Technique focusing, ion, quadrupole, tune 3184
  • M.G. Mazarakis, G.H. Berry, E.P. Colton
New All Aluminum Alloy Vacuum System for the TRISTAN e+e- Storage Accelerator impedance, ion, thermal, vacuum 3320
  • H. Ishimaru, G. Horikoshi, Y. Kimura