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Keyword: alignment

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Optical Beam Diagnostics on PEP field, optics, synchrotron, vacuum 2162
  • A.P. Sabersky
Metallic Wedge Degraders for Rapid Energy Measurement of Bevalac Heavy Ion Beams accelerator, ion, proton, target 2276
  • R. Wada, J.R. Alonso
The FMIT Experimental Draft Tube acceleration, accelerator, quadrupole, radiation 2761
  • W.E. Fox, R.G. Schamaun
Numerical Simulation of Survey Misalignment Effects in the ATA Structure acceleration, accelerator, diagnostics, survey 2777
  • E.R. Close
High Radiation Zone Design of the FMIT High Energy Beam Transport beamline, linac, maintenance, vacuum 2812
  • D. J. Liska, A.G. Cimabue, T.R. Cole, K.O. Creek, A. Harvey, J.D. King, L.P. Robeson
Inhomogeneities in Magnetic Field due to Variations of Lamination Gap Heights field, light source, synchrotron 2815
  • J.N. Galayda, R.N. Heese, S. Krinsky
The PEP Liquid Level System accelerator, damping, site, survey 2876
  • T. Lauritzen, R.C. Sah
Status of Efforts to Improve the Transverse Properties of the Fermilab Booster accelerator, booster, extraction, injection 2907
  • C.W. Owen, B.C. Brown, J. Crawford, J. Garvey, H. Gerzevske, J. Lackey, K. Meisner, R. Rice
FMIT Alignment Cart linac, quadrupole, radiation, shielding 2973
  • R.C. Potter, D.C. Clark, L.B. Dauelsberg, R.J. Grieggs
FMIT Prototype Linac Tank irradiation, linac, radiation, vacuum 2991
  • W.J. Coops
Gain Measurement on the ACO Storage Ring Laser electron, field, laser, undulator 3142
  • D.A.G. Deacon, C. Bazin, M. Billardon, P. Elleaume, Y. Farge, J.M.J. Madey, J.M. Ortéga, Y. Petroff, K.E. Robinson, M.F. Velghe
A Study of the Variation of Maximum Beam Size with Quadrupole Gradient Strength in the FMIT Drift Tube Linac accelerator, focusing, linac, quadrupole 3504
  • G.P. Boicourt, R.A. Jameson