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Keyword: cathode

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A 100-mA Low-Emittance Ion Source for Ion-Beam Fusion electron, extraction, ion, optics 3101
  • R.P. Vahrenkamp, R.L. Seliger
AGS Slow Extraction Improvements alignment, betatron, extraction, septum 3167
  • J.W. Glenn, L. Repeta, J.N. Sandberg, G.A. Smith, H. Weisberg
Versatile H+ Beam Chopper System at LAMPF chopper, injection, neutron, proton 3433
  • J.S. Lunsford, R.F. Bentley, G.P. Lawrence
Performance of the New CERN 50 MeV Linac emittance, linac, proton, quadrupole 3674
  • E. Boltezar, H. Haseroth, W. Pirkl, G. Plass, T.R. Sherwood, U. Tallgren, P. Tetu, D. Warner, M. Weiss
Calculations Pertaining to the Design of a Prebuncher for a 150-MeV Electron Linear Accelerator: II Radial Motion accelerator, electron, electron gun, field 3695
  • R.G. Alsmiller, Jr., F.S. Alsmiller, J. Barish
A Universal Negative or Positive Ion Source ion, ionization, plasma, sputter 3708
  • G.D. Alton
The Trirotron coupling, electron, field, waveguide 3891
  • J. V. Lebacqz, A.J. Dudas, W.R. Fowkes
Common Anode Amplifier Development accelerator, feedback, impedance, resonance 3959
  • T.W. Hardek, W.E. Chyna
New Light Link System for High Voltage Terminal booster, ion, timing, x-ray 3983
  • T. Sakaue, A. Takagi
Measurements of the Cesium Flow from a Surface-Plasma H- Ion Source background, extraction, ion, ionization 4006
  • H.V. Smith Jr., P.W. Allison
A 50-mA Negative Hydrogen-Ion Source accelerator, extraction, injection, ion 4120
  • C.W. Schmidt, C.D. Curtis
One Nanosecond Pulsed Electron Gun Systems accelerator, electron, gun, injection 4129
  • R.F. Koontz
Status Report of the Experimental and Theoretical Investigations in the Garching Electron Ring Accelerator electron, field, impedance, instability 4172
  • C. Andelfinger, W. Dommaschk, J. Fink, W. Herrmann, I. Hofmann, D. Jacobi, P. Merkel, H.B. Schilling, U. Schumacher, M. Ulrich
The Experimental Test Accelerator (ETA) accelerator, electron, gun, induction 4180
  • R.E. Hester, D.G. Bubp, A.W. Chesterman, J.C. Clark, E.G. Cook, W.L. Dexter, A.A. Faltens, T.J. Fessenden, L.L. Reginato, T.T. Yokota
Operation of a Repetitively Pulsed 300kV, 10kA Electron Beam Diode electron, field, impedance, vacuum 4183
  • M.T. Buttram
Unidirectional Ion Generation and Geometric Focussing of Ions in a Reflex Triode dielectric, ion, plasma, proton 4190
  • A. Bromborsky, H.E. Brandt, R.A. Kehs
Collective Ion Acceleration Controlled by a Gas Gradient acceleration, electron, ion, plasma 4199
  • F. Mako, A. Fisher, C.W. Roberson, N. Rostoker, D. Tzach
Electron Beams Generated in Foilless Diodes electron, field, plasma, space-charge 4202
  • D.C. Straw, M.C. Clark
Pulserad 445W, A Compact High-Power Beam Generator electron, field, impedance, vacuum 4208
  • J. Benford, B.H. Bernstein, J.A. Berry, D.E. Osias
Computational Studies of Beam Dynamics in the ETA Gun electron, field, lattice, simulation 4242
  • A.C. Paul, V.K. Neil
Collective Ion Acceleration in the Vacuum System with Insulated Anode acceleration, electron, ion, neutron 4248
  • V.M. Bistritsky, A.N. Didenko, Ya.E. Krasik, V.S. Lopatin, V.I. Podkatov
Autoacceleration via Virtual Cathode Oscillation acceleration, electron, field, injection 4274
  • D.J. Sullivan