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Keyword: emittance

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Transport of Intense Ion Beams field, ion, quadrupole, solenoid 993
  • G.R. Lambertson, L.J. Laslett, L. Smith
Systems Analysis of Accelerator and Storage Ring Systems for Inertial Fusion injection, ion, linac, target 996
  • R. Burke, S. Fenster, S. Grammel
A Study of SPEAR as a Dedicated Source of Synchrotron Radiation injection, radiation, synchrotron, wiggler 1003
  • J. Cerino, A. Garren, A. Golde, J. Hastings, M. Lee, I. Lindau, P. Morton, B. Salsburg, H. Winick
On the Generation and Focusing of Intense Ion Beams for Pellet Fusion accelerator, focusing, ion, quadrupole 1009
  • M. Reiser
Pellet Fusion by High Energy Heavy Ions accelerator, ion, linac, target 1012
  • R. Burke, Y. Cho, J. Fasolo, S. Fenster, M. Foss, T. Khoe, A. Langsdorf, R. Martin
Longitudinal and Transverse Space Charge Limitations on Transport of Maximum Power Beams field, focusing, quadrupole, solenoid 1025
  • T.K. Khoe, R.L. Martin
The Design of the WNR Proton Storage Ring Lattice extraction, lattice, neutron, proton 1037
  • R.K. Cooper, G.P. Lawrence
Tuning the Beam Shaping Section of the LAMPF Biomedical Channel collimation, field, quadrupole, ray trace 1058
  • J.N. Bradbury, R.L. Hutson, E.A. Knapp, D. Laubacher, M.A. Paciotti, O.M. Rivera
Development of KEK Injector Linac accelerator, booster, linac, proton 1124
  • J. Tanaka, S. Anami, H. Baba, S. Inagaki, T. Kakuyama, H. Matsumoto, I. Sato, T. Takenaka, Y. Terayama
A Method for Increading the Multiturn Injection Efficiency in AG Proton Synchrotrons by Means of Skew Quadrupoles coupling, injection, septum, skew 1390
  • K. Schindl, P. Van der Stok
Injection Methods in the Fermilab Booster accelerator, booster, injection, linac 1423
  • D.F. Cosgrove, C. Curtis, E. Gray, C. Hojvat, R.P. Johnson, C. Owen
Molecular Ion Photo Dissociation Injection injection, ion, laser, linac 1428
  • R. Arnold, R. Burke, Y. Cho, R. Cutler, S. Fenster, R. Martin
Linear Accelerator Modeling: Development and Application accelerator, field, injection, linac 1476
  • R.A. Jameson, W.E. Jule
High Current Negative Ion Beams accelerator, cathode, extraction, ion 1521
  • K. Prelec, M. Grossman, Th. Sluyters
The LAMPF Polarized Ion Facility: Status Report background, field, ion, polarization 1524
  • E.P. Chamberlin, J.L. McKibben, R.R. Stevens, Jr.
A Direct Extraction H- Ion Source cathode, extraction, focusing, ion 1594
  • P.W. Allison
Improvements to the Beam Properties of the TRIUMF Cyclotron cyclotron, field, quadrupole, timing 1615
  • M.K. Craddock, E.W. Blackmore, G. Dutto, C.J. Kost, G.H. MacKenzie, P. Schmor
The VICKSI Beam Line Instrumentation and Control System accelerator, cyclotron, injection, vacuum 1745
  • C. Egelhaaf, D. Erdmann, H. Homeyer, W-D. Zeitz
Secondary Emission Detector System for SATURNE II accelerator, focusing, monitoring, scattering 1754
  • R. Anne, A. Lefol, G. Milleret, R. Perret