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Spill Control and Intensity Monitoring for the Bevatron-Bevalac External Particle Beams background, extraction, field, proton 1052
  • J.J. Barale, K.C. Crebbin
Highly Stabilized Power Supply for Spectrometer accelerator, controls, electron, feed forward 1229
  • J.J. Gano
Precision Current Transductor for the Fermilab Booster Magnet Power Supply booster, impedance, modulator, spectrum 1234
  • J. A. Dinkel, A.R. Donaldson
Design and Performance Aspects of a Precision High-Current Power Supply accelerator, booster, ferrite, maintenance 1238
  • F. F. Cilyo
RF Accelerating Voltage Control and Stabilzation in the TRIUMF Cyclotron CAMAC, controls, cyclotron, thermal 1257
  • R.H.M. Gummer
Digital Controlled Frequency for Synchrotron Acceleration acceleration, accelerator, field, ion 1261
  • M. Clinnick, J. Greer, J. Guggemos, R. Kilgore, D. Rondeau
Design and Operation of the SPEAR II RF System accelerator, coupling, klystron, synchrotron 1269
  • M.A. Allen, R.A. Ecken, L. Genova, B.E. Humphrey, L.G. Karvonen, G.T. Konrad, J.V. Lebacqz, R.A. McConnell, C.W. Olson
A DC Chopper Used as an Adjustable Current Bypass Shunt accelerator, chopper, coupling, field 1273
  • M. Berndt, C. Guracar, J. Lipari
HV DC Injectors for Large Heavy-Ion Accelerators accelerator, cathode, electron, impedance 1293
  • K. Truempy, R. Gleyvod, G. Reinhold
The Fermilab Transverse Instability Active Damping System accelerator, damping, extraction, instability 1473
  • E. Higgins, Q. Kerns, H. Miller, B. Prichard, R. Stiening, G. Tool
Transverse Oscillations Damping with Wide-Band Feedback on SPEAR II betatron, damping, synchrotron, vacuum 1500
  • J.-L. Pellegrin
High-Speed Beam Position Electronics for Accelerator Control and Diagnostics accelerator, damping, impedance, pick-up 1574
  • E.F. Higgins, J.E. Griffin
A 53 MHz Randomly Triggered Synchronous Predetermined Scaler for Accelerator Diagnostics accelerator, diagnostics, synchrotron, timing 1578
  • E.F. Higgins
High Charge State Heavy Ion Production from a PIG Source cyclotron, extraction, field, ion 1702
  • L. Bex, D.J. Clark, C.E. Ellsworth, W.S. Flood, R.A. Gough, W.R. Holley, J.R. Meriwether, D. Morris
An Improved Van de Graaff Belt Charge Regulator Van de Graaff, accelerator, cathode, induction 1730
  • N. Ziegler
Implications of High Beam Currents for Accelerator and Component Design betatron, damping, electron, tune 1833
  • P.L. Morton
Beam Loading Effects in the CERN PS Booster booster, damping, impedance, instability 1906
  • F. Pedersen
Compensation for Beam Loading in the 400-GeV Fermilab Main Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, booster, injection 1910
  • J.E. Griffin