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Keyword: betatron

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One Turn Vertical Extraction from the Zero Gradient Synchrotron (ZGS) extraction, field, impedance, septum 1097
  • R.L. Kustom
Phase-Free Acceleration of Charged Particles Using Rectangular Drift Tube-Loaded Cavities acceleration, accelerator, electron, field 1337
  • W. Schott, H. Daniel, H. Hagn, W. Wilhelm, H. Zinner
Report on DORIS field, injection, luminosity, synchrotron 1363
  • G.A. Voss
SPEAR II Performance accelerator, injection, instability, synchrotron 1366
  • J.M. Paterson
Nature of the Beam-Beam Limit in Storage Rings electron, proton, resonance, tune 1376
  • M. Month
The First High-Luminosity Insertion in the ISR field, insertion, luminosity, optics 1419
  • J.P. Gourber, E. Keil, S. Pichler
Chromaticity Correction in EPIC lattice, luminosity, sextupole, synchrotron 1433
  • M.H.R. Donald, M.R. Harold, J. Maidment, G.H. Rees
Resonance Excitation by Distortion of the -Function Coupled with a Single Beam Space Charge Force field, lattice, resonance, tune 1443
  • M. Month
Effects of Beam-Beam Forces in Large Electron-Positron Storage Rings lattice, resonance, sextupole, tune 1447
  • G.H. Rees, W.T. Toner, J.V. Trotman
Tune Shifts of Excentric Beams in Elliptic Vacuum Chambers field, space-charge, tune, vacuum 1451
  • B.W. Zotter
Zero Gradient Synchrotron Booster Injection booster, equilibrium, injection, kicker 1488
  • D.E. Suddeth, R.L. Kustom, D. Schmitt
Transverse Oscillations Damping with Wide-Band Feedback on SPEAR II damping, feedback, synchrotron, vacuum 1500
  • J.-L. Pellegrin
Implications of High Beam Currents for Accelerator and Component Design damping, electron, feedback, tune 1833
  • P.L. Morton
Higher Order Multipole Magnet Tolerances accelerator, equilibrium, field, multipole 1878
  • A.W. Chao, M.J. Lee, P.L. Morton
Control of Closed Orbit Deviation Due to Synchrotron Radiation insertion, luminosity, radiation, synchrotron 1914
  • M.J. Lee, P.L. Morton, J.R. Rees, B. Richter
Beam Emittance Growth in a Proton Storage Ring Employing Charge Exchange Injection brightness, emittance, proton, scattering 1916
  • R.K. Cooper, G.P. Lawrence
The Design of the Zero Gradient Synchrotron Booster-II Lattice booster, extraction, field, kicker 1919
  • E.A. Crosbie, M.H. Foss, T.K. Khoe, J.D. Simpson
Incoherent Transverse Space Charge Effects during Injection, RF Capture and Early Acceleration in AGS acceleration, field, injection, tune 1926
  • J. Claus
Measurement of the Linear Coupling in the Brookhaven AGS coupling, field, skew, tune 1938
  • E.C. Raka