Ion Sources and Heavy Ion Accelerators

Title Page
Status and Outlook for Heavy-Ion Accelerator Systems 1621
  • H.A. Grunder
Recent Progress in Ion Sources 1626
  • J.E. Osher
A PIG Sputter Source for Negative Ions 1632
  • H.H. Andersen, P. Tykesson
Properties of the Texas A&M Electron Beam Ion Source 1637
  • R.W. Hamm, R.A. Kenefick
A Prototype High Current, High Duty Factor Negative Hydrogen Ion Source for LAMPF 1640
  • G.P. Lawrence, T.D. Hayward, J.A. Jackson
Status of the VICKSI Heavy Ion Accelerator 1643
  • W. Busse, B. Anderberg, B. Efken, P. Hansen, L. Harms-Ringdahl, D. Hilscher, S. Holm, H. Homeyer, H. Lettau, S. Lindbäck, K.H. Lindenberger, H.-E. Mahnke, K.H. Maier, B. Malm, J. Rohlin, A. Susini, K. Ziegler
The Chalk River Heavy Ion Superconducting Cyclotron 1647
  • C.R. Hoffmann, C.B. Bigham, J.S. Fraser, E.A. Heighway, J.A. Hulbert, J.H. Ormrod, H.R. Schneider
GANIL: A Proposal for a National Heavy-Ion Laboratory 1651
  • The GANIL Study Group
Design Considerations for the ORNL 25 MV Tandem Accelerator 1655
  • J.K. Bair, J.A. Biggerstaff, C.M. Jones, J.D. Larson, J.W. McConnell, W.T. Milner, N.F. Ziegler
Modification of the Argonne FN Tandem 1659
  • J.L. Yntema, P. Billquist
A Pulsed Negative Hydrogen Source for Currents up to One Ampere 1662
  • K. Prelec, Th. Sluyters
Progress Report on Zero Gradient Synchrotron H- Source Development 1665
  • J.A. Fasolo
A Rotatable Cold Cathode Penning Ion Source 1669
  • M.L. Mallory, E.D. Hudson
Performance of the Bevalac 1672
  • J. Barale, R. Force, H. Grunder, J. Guggemos, G. Lambertson, C. Leemann, F. Lothrop, R. Morgado, R. Richter, D. Rondeau, F. Selph, J. Staples, M. Tekawa, F. Voelker
Design of a 320 kV Ion Accelerator for Multiply Charged Heavy Ions 1675
  • J.G. Bannenberg, A.J.H. Boerboom
Energy Boosting of a Tandem Beam with the Oak Ridge Isochronous Cyclotron 1679
  • R.S. Lord, J.B. Ball, R. M. Beckers, K.N. Fischer, E.D. Hudson, M.L. Mallory, J.A. Martin, G.S. McNeilly, S.W. Mosko, J.D. Rylander
Calculated Finite Emittance and Dee-Gap Crossing Effects on Heavy-Ion Trajectories of Ion Injection into the Oak Ridge Isochronous Cyclotron from a 25 MV Tandem Electrostatic Accelerator 1682
  • G.S. McNeilly, K.N. Fischer
Absolute Charge State Yields of 20 MeV I Ions Scattered from Argon and Xenon 1685
  • G.D. Alton, J.A. Biggerstaff, L. Bridwell, C.M. Jones, Q. Kessel, P.D. Miller, C.D. Moak, B. Wehring
Search for the "Abnormal Nuclear State" Heavy, A > 200, Ion Acceleration in the AGS 1690
  • K. Prelec, A. van Steenbergen
Isochronous Cyclotron Harmonic Beam Experiments 1694
  • M.L. Mallory, E.D. Hudson, R.S. Lord
Transport of DC and Bunched Beams Through a 25 MV Folded Tandem Accelerator 1697
  • W.T. Milner, G.D. Alton, D.C. Hensley, C.M. Jones, R.F. King, J.D. Larson, C.D. Moak, R.O. Sayer
High Charge State Heavy Ion Production from a PIG Source 1702
  • L. Bex, D.J. Clark, C.E. Ellsworth, W.S. Flood, R.A. Gough, W.R. Holley, J.R. Meriwether, D. Morris
Initial Operating Experience with the TRIUMF 300 keV H- Injection System 1707
  • J. Beveridge, E.W. Blackmore, P.F. Bosman, G. Dutto, W. Joho, V. Rödel, R.D. Riches, L.W. Root, B.L. White
On the Ion Source and the Internal Beam Currents of the CS-15 Compact Cyclotron 1711
  • T.Y.T. Kuo, J.S. Laughlin, R. Lee
A Penning Ion Source in a 7-MV Van de Graaff 1715
  • P. Arndt, W. Jenter, H.-E. Mahnke
Operating Results and Improvements on the Zero Gradient Synchrotron (ZGS) Polarized Proton Ion Source 1718
  • E.F. Parker, N.Q. Sesol, R.E. Timm
The Beam-Matching System between Pre- and Main-Accelerator for the Van de Graaff-Cyclotron-Combination VICKSI 1722
  • G. Hinderer, K.H. Maier
Upgrading the Argonne 4-mV Dynamitron 1726
  • F.P. Mooring, R.L. Amrein, A. Langsdorf, Jr.
An Improved Van de Graaff Belt Charge Regulator 1730
  • N. Ziegler
An Injector Cyclotron for Cyclone 1732
  • Y. Jongen, G. Ryckewaert