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Keyword: coupling

Title Other Keywords Page
Design, Construction, and Testing of RF Structures for a Proton Linear Accelerator accelerator, field, impedance, proton 118
  • E.A. Knapp
Resonantely Coupled Accelerating Structures for High-Current Proton Linacs accelerator, field, impedance, proton 159
  • B. C. Knapp, E.A. Knapp, G.J. Lucas, J.M. Potter
Analysis of Resonant Radio-Frequency Coupling Systems cyclotron, radio-frequency 191
  • G.O. Hendry
RF System of the Grenoble 85-Inch Cyclotron controls, cyclotron, extraction, vacuum 217
  • H. Leboutet, R. Jean, J. C. Schnuriger
Dynamitrons of the Future acceleration, accelerator, ion, proton 227
  • M.R. Cleland, P. Farrell
The Symmetrical Cascade Rectifier: An Accelerator Power Supply in the Megavolt and Milliampere Range accelerator, field, ion, target 288
  • G. Reinhold, J. Bill, K. Truempy
Stabilized High Voltage DC Power Supplies of the Sheilded Design accelerator, damping, ion, irradiation 293
  • G. Reinhold, R. Minkner, K. Truempy
Experimental and External-Proton-Beam Magnet Power-Supply Systems at the Bevatron controls, feedback, power-supply, radiation 416
  • L.T. Jackson
A Waveguide Resonant Ring Electron Accelerator accelerator, electron, field, waveguide 494
  • S. D. Winter
Electrical Behavior of Long Linac Tanks and a New Tank-Coupling Scheme accelerator, alignment, linac, proton 623
  • B. C. Knapp, E.A. Knapp, G.J. Lucas, D.E. Nagle, J.M. Potter
A Study of Field Distribution and Beam Loading in Proton Linacs at High Energies electron, field, impedance, proton 630
  • T. Nishikawa
Calculation of Particle Trajectories in an Ion Linac with Self-Focusing Accelerating Gaps Having Quadrupolar Symmetry field, focusing, ion, linac 648
  • D. Boussard
Induced Radioactivity and Remote Handling Methods for Accelerators accelerator, radioactivity, shielding, target 656
  • A. J. Gorka
Cyclotron Ion Source Testing Facility cyclotron, field, ion, vacuum 817
  • M.L. Mallory, M. Reiser
Stabilized DC Power Supplies for Beam Injection into Orbital Accelerators accelerator, injection, ion, synchrotron 820
  • G. Reinhold, R. Minkner
Formation and Acceleration of Nanosecond Beam Pulse in an Isochronous Cyclotron acceleration, cyclotron, field, ion 824
  • M. Reiser, H.A. Howe, A. Svanheden
Position Monitoring Electronics for the Stanford Linear Accelerator accelerator, electron, feedback, monitoring 862
  • R.S. Larsen, H. A. Woods