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Keyword: betatron

Title Other Keywords Page
A Storage Ring for 10 BeV Muons accelerator, acceptance, muon, target 470
  • J. Tinlot, D. Green
An Accelerator for Isotope Conversion - The Recycle Accelerator accelerator, equilibrium, injection, target 479
  • M.S. Zucker, B. Manowitz, M. Steinberg
Beam Diagnostics on the ZGS diagnostics, equilibrium, injection, tune 556
  • R.L. Martin
Stability and Tolerance of the Separated Orbit Cyclotron acceptance, alignment, cyclotron, focusing 644
  • R.E. Worsham
Survey of Injection-System Design accelerator, injection, proton, synchrotron 792
  • W. A. S. Lamb
Beam Bump Method of Target Engagement accelerator, electron, equilibrium, target 899
  • R.J. Averill