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Keyword: light source

Title Other Keywords Page
Status of the New High Brilliance Synchrotron Light Source BESSYII booster, field, lattice, synchrotron 585
  • D. Krämer (BESSY)
A Complete Data Structure for the High Level Software of ELETTRA accelerator, electron, insertion, software 1773
  • M. Plesko (Sincrotrone Trieste)
The RF System of the Synchrotron Radiation Source ROSY acceptance, klystron, radiation, synchrotron 1877
  • H. Büttig, D. Einfeld (Research Center Rossendorf)
Design of the Magnets for the Synchrotron Light Source ROSY field, lattice, sextupole, synchrotron 2217
  • D. Einfeld, H. Tyrroff (Research Center Rossendorf), A. Krüssel (Fachhochschule Ostfriesland, Emden)