EPAC1988 Keywords
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Keyword: multipole

Title Other Keywords Page
The SSC Project collider, field, quench, site 237
  • J. Peoples (SSCL)
3D - Magneto - and Electrostatic Calculations Using MAFIA-S3 accelerator, dielectric, field, quadrupole 520
  • F. Krawczyk, T. Weiland (DESY)
Improvements to the Fermilab Main Ring accelerator, acceptance, emittance, scattering 553
  • R. Gerig, S. Mane, S. Pruss, M. Syphers, D. Trbojevic (FNAL)
Performance Limitations of LHC Low Beta Insertions focusing, injection, lattice, quadrupole 562
  • B. T. Leemann, W. Scandale (CERN)
Correction of Random Multipole Errors with Lumped Correctors betatron, octupole, sextupole, skew 827
  • J. M. Peterson, E. Forest (SSCL)
Persistent Current Field Errors and Dynamic Aperture of HERA-P acceptance, betatron, field, sextupole 911
  • R. Brinkmann, F. Willeke (DESY)
Field Measurements and Sorting of the HERA E-Ring Dipoles field, injection, quadrupole, software 1154
  • Y. Holler, O. Kaul, K. Sinram (DESY)
The Magnetsystem of the TSR electron, field, ion, quadrupole 1175
  • D. Krämer, B. Holzer, E. Jaeschke, W. Ott, R. Repnow (MPI Heidelberg)
Recent Progress of Permanent Magnets electron, factory, field, photon 1181
  • Xu Jianming, Xu Qing (IHEP Beijing)