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Keyword: stochastic cooling

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Design of 4-8 GHz Bunched Beam Stochastic Cooling Arrays for the Fermilab Tevatron accelerator, impedance, kicker, waveguide 1389
  • D. McGinnis, J. Budlong, G. Jackson, J. Marriner, D. Poll
Design of 4-8 GHz Stochastic Cooling Equalizers for the Fermilab Accumulator betatron, emittance, feedback, kicker 1392
  • D. McGinnis, J. Marriner
Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) Devices for Stochastic Cooling Notch Filters accelerator, antiproton, commissioning, insertion 1395
  • R.J. Pasquinelli
The Stochastic-Cooling System for COSY-Jülich antiproton, ferrite, kicker, vacuum 1425
  • P. Brittner, R. Danzglock, H.U. Hacker, R. Maier, U. Pfister, D. Prasuhn, H. Singer, W. Spiess, H. Stockhorst
Comparison Between Coasting and Bunched Beams on Optimum Stochastic Cooling and Signal Suppression coupling, instability, kicker, synchrotron 1866
  • J. Wei
Beam Life-Time with Intrabeam Scattering and Stochastic Cooling emittance, kicker, scattering, thermal 1869
  • J. Wei, A.G. Ruggiero
Bunched Beam Stochastic Cooling collider, emittance, lifetime, luminosity 2532
  • G. Jackson