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Keyword: finite element

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A 2D Field Solver for Periodic Structures with Special Corner Elements accelerator, field, travelling wave, waveguide 722
  • E. Nelson
Three-Dimensional Field Map of the Fermilab D0 Dectector collider, field, hadron, muon 2131
  • J.-F. Ostiguy, R. Yamada
A New 3-D Integral Code for Computation of Accelerator Magnets accelerator, field, photon, synchrotron 2140
  • L.R. Turner, L. Kettunen
Magnetic Properties of Iron Yoke Laminations for SSC Dipole Magnets accelerator, field, injection, monitoring 2170
  • S.A. Kahn, G.H. Morgan
Mechanical Design of the 2D Cross-Section of the SSC Collider Dipole Magnet Lorentz force, collider, field, thermal 2176
  • J. Strait, R. Bossert, J. Carson, K. Coulter, J. Kerby, G. Spigo, J.R. Turner
SSC Collider Dipole Magnet End Mechanical Design accelerator, collider, quench, thermal 2185
  • S.W. Delchamps, R.C. Bossert, J. Carson, K. Ewald, H. Fulton, J. Kerby, W. Koska, K.K. Leung, J. Strait, M. Wake
A Software Package Linking PE2D and ANSYS for SSC Magnet Design collider, field, software, thermal 2197
  • N. Kallas, C. Haddock, J. Jayakumar, D. Orrell, G. Snitchler, G. Spigo, J. Turner
Iron Saturation Control in RHIC Dipole Magnets field, ion 2242
  • P.A. Thompson, R.C. Gupta, H. Hahn, S.A. Kahn, G.H. Morgan, P.J. Wanderer, E. Willen
A Dipole Magnet Model for Compact Synchrotron Light Source electron, field, synchrotron, x-ray 2251
  • M. Kitamura, N. Maki, H. Tomeoku, H. Yamamoto
Calculation of Pressure Distribution in Vacuum Systems Using a Commercial Finite Element Program accelerator, thermal, vacuum 2295
  • J. Howell, H. Jostlein, B. Wehrle
Magnet End Design: The Main Injector Dipoles accelerator, field, focusing, sextupole 2354
  • J.-F. Ostiguy