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Keyword: pick-up

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A Beam Position Moniter for AmPS accelerator, coupling, impedance, vacuum 1148
  • J. Noomen, J. Bijleveld, F. Kroes, T. Sluijk, H. Verkooijen
DELTA Beam Position Monitor accelerator, beam position monitor, crystal, electron 1154
  • S. Brinker, R. Heisterhagen, K. Wille
Indirect Phase Locking of RF Clock to the Beam for BNL Booster BPM System acceleration, booster, monitoring, proton 1320
  • T. Hayes, A. Zaltsman
Design and Testing of the AGS Booster BPM Detector accelerator, booster, thermal, vacuum 1344
  • R. Thomas, D.J. Ciardullo, W. Van Zwienen
The Transverse Damper System for RHIC damping, emittance, injection, kicker 1422
  • J. Xu, J. Claus, E. Raka, A.G. Ruggiero, T.J. Shea
Bunch Monitor for an S-Band Electron Linear Accelerator accelerator, electron, field, linac 1558
  • Y. Otake, K. Nakahara
Field Emission Studies of Heat Treated and Chemically Treated Superconducting Cavities field, rf cavities, site, thermal 2420
  • H. Padamsee, P. Barnes, J. Kirchgessner, D. Moffat, D. Rubin, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu