PAC1991 Keywords
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Keyword: lifetime

Title Other Keywords Page
Characteristics of the Beam During the Second Fermilab Collider Run collider, emittance, luminosity, proton 105
  • N. Gelfand
ELISE, a Code for Intensity Dependent Effects electron, instability, lattice, scattering 284
  • M.Q. Barton
A Different Approach to Beam-Beam Interaction Simulation damping, electron, resonance, simulation 291
  • S. Milton
Progress on Bunch Lengthening at the NSLS VUV Ring accelerator, feedback, light source, synchrotron 1326
  • R. Biscardi, W. Broome, S. Buda, J. Keane, G. Ramirez, J. Wachtel, J.M. Wang
Ion Trapping in the CESR B-Factory background, electron, ion, tune 1839
  • D. Sagan, Y. Orlov
Review of Mevva Ion Source Performance for Accelerator Injection accelerator, cathode, extraction, ion 1943
  • I.G. Brown, H. Emig, X. Godechot, D.M. Ruck, P. Spadtke, B.H. Wolf
Quench Analysis of the Energy Deposition in the SSC Magnets and Radiation Shielding of the Low- IR Quadrupoles field, quench, radiation, shielding 2212
  • G. Lopez
Bunched Beam Stochastic Cooling collider, emittance, luminosity, stochastic cooling 2532
  • G. Jackson
Beam Dynamics of the SRRC 1.3 GeV Storage Ring emittance, field, quadrupole, synchrotron 2667
  • C.C. Kuo, H.P. Chang, C.S. Hsue, J.C. Lee, M.H. Wang
Undulator Based Synchrotron Radiation Source in the 5-30 eV Spectral Region electron, photon, radiation, undulator 2676
  • X. Zhang, S. Krinsky, J.B. Murphy
Beam Lifetime Investigations at BESSY acceptance, ion, scattering, vacuum 2685
  • L. Schulz, H. Lehr, E. Weihreter
A Low Vertical Mode for the LNLS UVX Electron Storage Ring betatron, insertion, lattice, tune 2781
  • L. Lin, P. Tavares
ASTRID-A Storage Ring for Ions and Electrons electron, ion, kicker, microtron 2811
  • S.P. Moller
Advanced Stacking Methods Using Electron Cooling at the TSR Heidelberg electron, electron cooling, injection, ion 2817
  • M. Grieser, D. Habs, R.v. Hahn, E. Jaeschke, C.M. Kleffner, R. Repnow, M. Stampfer, M. Steck
Experiments Investigating the Effects of the Accelerating Gap Voltage Pulse on the Ion Focused (IFR) High Current Electron Recirculators electron, focusing, ion, plasma 3126
  • M.G. Mazarakis, L.F. Bennett, W.R. Olson, J.W. Poukey, K.R. Prestwich, D.L. Smith, B.N. Turman, J.S. Wagner, J. Wells
SLC Positron Source Flux Concentrator Modulator accelerator, collider, modulator, positron 3138
  • J. de Lamare, R. Cassel, A. Kulikov, V. Nesterov
Kicker Thyatron Experience from SLC cathode, damping, instability, kicker 3165
  • A.R. Donaldson, R.L. Cassel, T.S. Mattison, L.L. Reginato
CERN Plans for the Future antiproton, coupling, luminosity, proton 3279
  • C. Rubbia