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Keyword: ionization

Title Other Keywords Page
Results from Lanzhou K450 Heavy Ion Cyclotron cyclotron, field, injection, ion 29
  • B. Wei
Charge State Distributions for Heavy Ions in Carbon Stripper Foils acceleration, accelerator, ion, tune 536
  • M.A. McMahan, B. Feinberg, R.F. Lebed
Preliminary Results of a Raster Scanning Beam Delivery System controls, field, ion, radiation 672
  • T.R. Renner, W. Chu, J. Halliwell, B. Ludewigt, M. Nyman, R.P. Singh, G.D. Stover, R. Stradtner
ECR Source Scaling Concepts electron, field, ion, plasma 1088
  • R. Geller
Improved High Voltage Coax for Antiproton Source Kicker Pulse Forming Networks and Pulse Transmission antiproton, dielectric, field, kicker 1951
  • J. Petter