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Keyword: septum

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The MIT-Bates South Hall Ring emittance, extraction, injection, target 34
  • J.B. Flanz, R.D. Biron, E. Ihloff, K.D. Jacobs, S. Kowalski, Z. Radouch, T. Russ, A. Saab, W.W. Sapp, C. Williamson, A. Zolfaghari, J. Zumbro
Calculation of Losses and Protection Against Irradiation During Beam Abort and Loss Localization in the UNK acceleration, ion, radiation, target 255
  • A.I. Drozhdin, Yu.S. Fedotov, M.A. Maslov, N.V. Mokhov, I.A. Yazynin
DC Septum Magnet for Beam Extraction cooling water, field, shielding, vacuum 363
  • A. Noda, K. Chida, A. Mizobuchi, F. Soga, M. Yoshizawa
A Radiation Hard Dipole Magnet Coils Using Aluminum Clad Copper Conductors booster, field, radiation, target 366
  • W.J. Leonhardt
The Optics of the Fast Ejections of the CERN PS collider, ion, optics, proton 697
  • T. Risselada
The LEP Injection Monitors: Design and First Results with Beam injection, pick-up, radiation, vacuum 1492
  • G. Burtin, R. Colchester, C. Fischer, B. Halvarsson, J.Y. Hemery, R. Jung, S. Levitt, J.M. Vouillot
The Positron Accumulator Ring for the APS injection, linac, positron, synchrotron 1707
  • E.A. Crosbie
Progress Report on the LEP Pre-Injector accumulation, field, klystron, target 1815
  • S. Battisti, R. Bossart, J.P. Delahaye, R. Garoby, K. Hübner, A. Krusche, H. Kugler, J.H.B. Madsen, D. Pearce, J.P. Potier, A. Riche, L. Rinolfi