Accelerator Technology

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Operational Results for the Raster Scanning Power Supply System Constructed at the Bevalac Biomedical Facility 1890
  • G. Stover, R. Dwinell, J. Halliwell, M. Nyman
A Proposal to Pulse the Bevatron/Bevalac Main Guide Field Magnet with SCR Power Supplies 1893
  • B. Frias, J. Alonso, R. Dwinell, F. Lothrop
Control of the Bevatron/Bevalac Main Guide Field Power Supply for Fast Ion Switching Operation 1896
  • B. Frias, J. Alonso, R. Dwinell, F. Lothrop
Advance Technology on Megawatt Modulator for the Ground Test Accelerator 1899
  • H. Yasotornrat
Upgrade of Beam Steering System Components and Controls for the NSLS Storage Rings 1902
  • O.V. Singh, R.J. Nawrocky
Modular Magnet Current Regulator 1905
  • G. Burtner, N. Dobeck, O. Garza, R. LaMora
The Generation of a Reference Design for TRIUMF KAON Factory Booster Magnet Excitation 1908
  • K. Reiniger
Magnet Power Supplies for the Advanced Light Source 1910
  • L. T. Jackson, I. C. Lutz
Tuning Magnet Power Supply 1913
  • G.G. Karady, B.M. Han, H.A. Thiessen
Optimization of Resonant Power Supply Circuit 1916
  • G.G. Karady, H.A. Thiessen
New Energy Replacement Method for Resonant Power Supplies 1919
  • G.G. Karady, H.A. Thiessen
Power Supplies for the LNLS Magnets 1922
  • J.A. Pomilio, A.C. Lira, D. Wisnivesky
Status of Magnet Power Supply Development for the APS Storage Ring 1925
  • D. McGhee
Distributed Supervisory Protection Interlock System 1928
  • H.V. Walz, R.C. Agostini, L. Barker, R. Cherkassky, T. Constant, R. Mathieson
The Daresbury Personnel Safety System 1931
  • D. Poole, T. Ring
Operational Experience and Techniques for Controlled Longitudinal Phase Space Dilution in the AGS Using a High Harmonic Cavity 1934
  • R.K. Reece, A. Abola, L. Ahrens, J.M. Brennan, P. Cameron, D. Ciardullo, A. Dunbar, W. Frey, M.A. Goldman, D. Kasha, J. Kats, A. McNerney, A. Otis, E. Raka, R. Sanders, P. Stein, A. Zaltsman, W. van Asselt
Bevalac Versatility: Operations Achievements in the Multitasking Mode 1937
  • F. Lothrop, J. Alonso, R. Miller, M. Tekawa
Fermilab's Automated Accelerator Start-Up Program 1940
  • P. Emma, G. Annala, B. Hendricks
Recent Operational Experience with the Fermilab Tevatron 1943
  • J.L. Crawford, R.C. Mau
Reliability and Lifetime Predictions of SLC Klystrons 1946
  • M.A. Allen, R.S. Callin, W.R. Fowkes, T.G. Lee, A.E. Vlieks
Indirect Measurement of HERMES III Voltage 1948
  • T.W.L. Sanford, J.A. Alexander, G. Douglas, J.A. Halbleib, R. Mock, J.W. Poukey, J.J. Ramirez, T. Sheridan
Improved High Voltage Coax for Antiproton Source Kicker Pulse Forming Networks and Pulse Transmission 1951
  • J. Petter
Circuit Description of Pulsed Power Systems 1954
  • M.J. Rhee, T.A. Fine
The Vertical Alignment of the D0 Overpass in the Fermilab Main Ring 1957
  • C.D. Moore
Phase Compensated Fibre-Optic Links for the LEP RF Reference Distribution 1960
  • E. Peschardt, J.P.H. Sladen
From MAD to CAD: Automatic Production of Accelerator Layouts 1963
  • M. Mottier
Magnetic Properties of the ALS Booster Synchrotron Engineering Model Magnets 1966
  • R. Keller, M.I. Green, E. Hoyer, Y.M. Koo, K. Luchini, S. Marks, J. Milburn, D.H. Nelson
AC Magnetic Measurements of the ALS Booster Dipole Engineering Model Magnet 1969
  • M.I. Green, E. Hoyer, R. Keller, D.H. Nelson
Design, Fabrication, and Calibration of Curved Integral Coils for Measuring Transfer Function, Uniformity and Effective Length of LBL ALS Booster Dipole Magnets 1972
  • M.I. Green, B. Gee, S. Marks, J. Meneghetti, D. Nelson, W. Wong
A Plasma Lens for the CERN Antiproton Collector Scaled from Model and Experiment 1975
  • E. Boggasch, B. Autin, H. Bauer, J. Christiansen, F. Dothan, K. Frank, H. Gundel, G. Miano, H. Riege, J. C. Schnuriger, M. Stetter, R. Tkotz, L. deMenna
An Improved Phase-Control System for Superconducting Low-Velocity Accelerating Structures 1978
  • J.M. Bogaty, B.E. Clifft, K.W. Shepard, G.P. Zinkann
Computerized Precision Control of a Synchronous High Voltage Discharge Switch for the Beam Separation System of the LEP e+e - Collider 1981
  • J.H. Dieperink, A. Finnigan, W. Kalbreier, R.L. Keizer, M. Laffin, V. Mertens
Phasing Tools for the Klystrons at the SLC 1984
  • R.K. Jobe, C. Adolphsen, N. Phinney
RF Phase Distribution Systems at the SLC 1987
  • R.K. Jobe, H.D. Schwarz
Microprocessor Based Power Supply Control System 1990
  • R.S. Rumrill
Effects of Irradiation on Hall Probe Sensitivity 1993
  • B. Kulke, R. Frye, F. Penko
Air Pollution Monitor for TRISTAN 1996
  • K. Hanaoka, K. Kudo, S. Takeda
Operational Experience with the Fermilab Antiproton Source 1999
  • E. Harms
Design and Construction of Long-Pulse Modulator 2002
  • S. Anami, H. Baba, F. Hanaki, M. Kihara, S. Koseki, T. Kubo, K. Kudo, S. Ogawa, M. Ono, E. Takasaki, T. Takenaka
A New System to Trigger Fast Rise Thyristors 2005
  • I. Sakai, T. Kawakubo, M. Suetake
Relativistic Multipactoring 2008
  • W. J. Gallagher
A Method of Frequency Following of the LINAC with Power Feedback 2010
  • D.-X. Xi
RF By-Pass on the Proton Synchrotron Vacuum Chamber Flanges 2012
  • R. Cappi
Synchrotron Radiation Damage on Insulating Materials of TRISTAN Magnet 2015
  • K. Endo, T. Chugun, M. Hirano, T. Kubo, R. Kumazawa, H. Mitsui, Y. Ohsawa, T. Ozaki, K. Takayama
Long Term Ground Movement of TRISTAN Synchrotron 2018
  • K. Endo, M. Miyahara, Y. Ohsawa
New Accelerating Sections for the 2 GeV Linac 2021
  • E.Z. Biller, A.N. Dovbnya, V.A. Vishnyakov
Electron Beam Monochromatization in the Linac Used as an Injector to the Stretcher 2025
  • P.I. Gladkikh, A.N. Dovbnya, A.A. Shcherbakov, V.A. Shendrik, Yu.D. Tur