Synchrotron Radiation Sources

Title Page
PEP as a Synchrotron Radiation Source: Status and Review 456
  • J.M. Paterson
Record Capture and Acceleration Efficiency in the SURF-II 300 MeV Circular Storage Ring 461
  • L.R. Hughey
Status of ELETTRA 464
  • A. Wrulich
SRS-2: Performance and Achievements 467
  • V.P. Suller, J.N. Corlett, D.M. Dykes, S. Haslam, S. Hill, E.A. Hughes, M.W. Poole, P.D. Quinn, S.L. Thomson
Experience with Phase II Insertion Devices in the X-Ray Ring 470
  • G. Decker, J. Galayda, S. Krinsky, L. Solomon
Operation of CESR as a Low Emittance X-Ray Source 473
  • E.B. Blum
Storage Ring Design for STA SR Project 476
  • M. Hara, S.H. Be, H. Kamitsubo, R. Nagaoka, S. Sasaki, T. Wada