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Keyword: ferrite

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Magnetic Beam Position Monitors for the LEP Pre-Injector impedance, injection, pick-up, vacuum 605
  • S. Battisti, M. Le Gras, J.M. Roux, B. Szeless, D.J. Williams
Single-Shot Longitudinal Shape Measurements of Nanosecond Particle Bunches electron, hadron, proton, vacuum 643
  • R. Cappi, G. Cyvoct, J. Durand, M. Ruette, E. Schulte
A 1.5 GHz Wide-Band Beam-Position and Intensity Monitor for the Electron Positron Accumulator (EPA) coupling, impedance, pick-up, vacuum 664
  • G.C. Schneider
High-Brightness H- Accelerators accelerator, cw, ion, linac 903
  • R. A. Jameson
Scaling Laws and Optimization of Electron Linear Induction Accelerators accelerator, electron, impedance, induction 911
  • S. Eckhouse, E. Chu, M. Montgomery
Status of RF Development Work on a Ferrite Tuned Amplifier Cavity for the TRIUMF Kaon Factory booster, factory, field, impedance 1499
  • R.L. Poirier, T. Enegren
Experiment of Fast-Electron Extraction System electron, extraction, field, kicker 1535
  • S. Nakata
A Perpendicular-Based Ferrite Tuner for the 52 MHz PETRA II Cavities coupling, field, impedance, solenoid 1543
  • R.M. Hutcheon
Kicker for the SLC Electron Damping Ring cathode, electron, field, kicker 1582
  • L. Bartelson, C. Crawford, J. Dinkel, J. Howell, Q. Kerns, S. Snowdon, J. Walton
Design and Tests of an Accelerator Module for Linear Induction Accelerator (LIA) accelerator, cathode, impedance, induction 1783
  • N. Cheng, G. Dai, B. Ding, C. Liu, H. Wang, S. Wu, E. Zhang
A "Monochromatic" RF-Cavity damping, field, impedance, instability 1791
  • S. Bartalucci, M. Bell, F. Caspers, K. Hübner, P. Marchand, R. Poirier, A. Susini
RF System for the Indiana University Cyclotron Facility Cooler Project acceleration, accumulation, cyclotron, vacuum 1872
  • G. Nicholls, X. Pei, R. Poirier, J. Redding
Test Results of the Los Alamos Ferrite-Tuned Cavity accelerator, damping, field, instrumentation 1896
  • C.C. Friedrichs, R.D. Carlini, W.R. Smythe, G. Spalek
Testing URMEL-3D by Modeling a Ferrite-Tuned RF Cavity booster, field 1898
  • M.J. Browman, R.K. Cooper, C.C. Friedrichs, T. Weiland
The 1 MV 114 MHz Electron Accelerating System for the CERN PS coupling, impedance, ion, proton 1901
  • B.J. Evans, R. Garoby, R. Hohbach, P. Marchand, G. Nassibian, S. Talas
A High Level, Low Frequency RF System for the Acceleration of Light Ions in the AGS acceleration, impedance, ion, proton 1922
  • R. Sanders, D. Barton, W. Frey, P. Montemurro, A. Otis, M. Plotkin, M. Pritsker, A. Soukas, J. Tuozzolo, A. Zaltsman