PAC1987 Keywords
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Keyword: beamline

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The Los Alamos Free-Electron Laser Energy-Recovery Experiment accelerator, electron, energy-recovery, laser 221
  • D.W. Feldman, C.A. Brau, B.E. Carlsten, J.S. Fraser, A.H. Lumpkin, G. Spalek, W.E. Stein, H. Takeda, T.F. Wang, R.W. Warren, J.M. Watson
Automated Beam Position and Split Control for the Fermilab Switchyard accelerator, booster, instrumentation, target 515
  • R. Joshel, S. Childress, C. Crawford, W. Kissel, S. Lackey
The Impact of New Computer Technology on Accelerator Control accelerator, insertion, lattice, software 529
  • E. Theil, V. Jacobson, V. Paxson
A Scientific Workstation Operator-Interface for Accelerator Control accelerator, lattice, software, tune 556
  • V. Paxson, S. Clearwater, V. Jacobson, M. Lee, E. Theil
Modern Approaches to Accelerator Simulation and On-Line Control accelerator, algorithms, lattice, simulation 611
  • M. Lee, S. Clearwater, V. Paxson, E. Theil
SuperHILAC Real-Time Velocity Measurements CAMAC, accelerator, controls, ion 649
  • B. Feinberg, D. Meaney, R. Thatcher, C. Timossi
Application of Online Modeling to the Operation of SLC accelerator, collider, klystron, optics 722
  • M.D. Woodley, L. Sanchez-Chopitea, H. Shoaee
New High-Dispersion Beamlines at the Bevalac for the Production, Purification and Transport of Radioactive Beams ion, optics, radioactive beams, target 848
  • G.F. Krebs, J.R. Alonso, K. Ekuni, J. Kalnins, T. Kobayashi, K. Matsuta, T. Minamisono, S Nagamiya, Y. Nojiri, S. Shimoura, K. Sugimoto, K. Takeyama, I. Tanihata
Numerical Computation of Transfer Maps Using Lie Algebraic Methods accelerator, field, fringe fields, quadrupole 1081
  • R.D. Ryne, A.J. Dragt
Emittance Growth Caused by Bends in the Los Alamos Free-Electron Laser Energy Recovery Experiment emittance, field, laser, quadrupole 1755
  • B.E. Carlsten
Scaling Laws for Abberations in Magnetic Quadrupole Lens Systems accelerator, electron, octupole, quadrupole 1764
  • R.W. Moses, R.S. Christian, A.J. Dragt, E.A. Heighway
Design of Achromatic Bending Systems in the Presence of Space Charge accelerator, coupling, emittance, space-charge 1767
  • A.J. Jason, B. Blind, E.A. Heighway, E.M. Svaton