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Keyword: cyclotron

Title Other Keywords Page
A Low Voltage Repeater for Studies of E-Beam Wave Interactions electron, field, plasma, wiggler 91
  • A. Anselmo, J.D. Ivers, J.A. Nation, Y.Z. Zhang
The Ultralac: A Collective Wave Accelerator for Ultrarelativistic Particles accelerator, electron, field, plasma 145
  • J.A. Nation, A.P. Anselmo
Present and Future Superconducting Cyclotrons extraction, field, injection, ion 239
  • J.A. Nolen, Jr.
Status of ECR Source Technology field, ion, plasma, sextupole 254
  • C.M. Lyneis
Rigidity Analogue Radioactive Beams from a Heavy Ion Cyclotron acceleration, extraction, ion, target 372
  • M. L. Mallory, J.A. Nolen
The Superconducting Cyclotron AGOR: Accelerator for Light and Heavy Ions acceleration, coupling, emittance, injection 376
  • S. Brandenburg
EUTERPE, A Ring Facility for the Eindhoven Cyclotron Laboratory electron, lattice, radiation, synchrotron 488
  • J.I.M. Botman, H.L. Hagedoorn
An External Monitor of Beam Loss in an H- Cyclotron ion, radiation, shielding, vacuum 670
  • T.C. Ries, R.E. Laxdal, G.H. Mackenzie, W.R. Rawnsley
Application of High Level Programs in a Controls Environment CAMAC, controls, field, software 719
  • C.J. Kost, D.A. Dohan, M. Mouat
Development of the Phase Probe in the INR Cyclotron induction, pick-up, vacuum 744
  • X. Cui, H. Chang, J. Zhang
A Measurement of the Beam Phase at the Princeton University AVF Cyclotron extraction, field, injection, proton 1218
  • M. Yoon, R.T. Kouzes, A.B. McDonald, W.H. Moore, S. Oh
Extraction Studies for a 250 MeV Superconducting Synchrocyclotron coupling, extraction, field, septum 1255
  • M.M. Gordon, X.Y. Wu
Orbit Studies for Ion Inflectors Used in Cyclotrons acceptance, field, injection, ion 1287
  • F. Marti
Improvements in the Numerical Model of the NSCL K800 Superconducting Cyclotron Magnet field, lattice, software 1446
  • L.H. Harwood
Electrostatic Deflector High Voltage System for the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron accelerator, dielectric, maintenance, vacuum 1567
  • C.R. Hoffmann, C.B. Bigham
Status of High Power Gyrotron Technology electron, field, gun, gyroklystron 1696
  • V.L. Granatstein
Efficient Extraction of H- Ions from the TRIUMF Cyclotron extraction, field, resonance, septum 1710
  • G.H. Mackenzie, G. Dutto, R.E. Laxdal, J.B. Pearson, R. Worsham, M. Zach
Magnetic Channel Design Concepts for the Extraction of H- Ions from the TRIUMF Cyclotron emittance, extraction, field, septum 1848
  • J.B. Pearson, E. DeVita, R. Laxdal, R. Lee, G.H. Mackenzie, T.C. Ries, R. Trellé, M. Zach
Operation of Cusptron Oscillator for Sixth Harmonic Frequency Generation with Six-Vane Circuit electron, field, radiation, spectrum 1860
  • W. Namkung, V. Ayers, J.Y. Choe, H.S. Uhm
Production of 20 to 50 MeV Neutral Hydrogen Beams accelerator, electron, extraction, field 1869
  • C.S. Bohun, J.J. Durocher, G.R. Smith
RF System for the Indiana University Cyclotron Facility Cooler Project acceleration, accumulation, ferrite, vacuum 1872
  • G. Nicholls, X. Pei, R. Poirier, J. Redding
Study of Beam Extraction from the University of Manitoba Cyclotron equilibrium, extraction, field, ion 1881
  • Y. Huang, A. Kumar, S. Oh
The 870 keV High Intensity Proton Beam Transfer Line for the Injector II Cyclotron of SIN acceleration, optics, proton, vacuum 1954
  • C. Markovits
Initial Operation of Cyclone II acceleration, deuteron, field, injection 1988
  • J.L. Bol, A. Chevalier, E. Conard, Y. Jongen, M. Lacroix, G. Ryckewaert, S. Zaremba