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Keyword: luminosity

Title Other Keywords Page
Where is the SSC Today? accelerator, collider, emittance, field 1556
  • M. Tigner
Review of Heavy Ion Collider Proposals booster, collider, heavy-ion, ion 1596
  • A.G. Ruggiero
Multibunch Operation of CESR betatron, injection, lifetime, sextupole 1610
  • R. Littauer
Optimisation of Average Luminosity in pp and p Colliders collider, emittance, lifetime, tune 1632
  • K. Hübner, E. Keil
Tailoring the Performance of LEP betatron, resonance, synchrotron, tune 1638
  • J.M. Jowett
Present Limits for the Luminosity, the Beam Current and the Beam Lifetime in DORIS II emittance, feedback, lifetime, synchrotron 1644
  • H. Nesemann, B. Sarau
HERA Straight Sections for Head-On Electron-Proton Interactions electron, injection, optics, proton 1647
  • J. Rossbach, R. Brinkmann
The CERN SPS Proton-Antiproton Collider antiproton, collider, injection, proton 1650
  • B. de Raad
The BØ Low-Beta Insertion Design for the Tevatron insertion, lattice, quadrupole, tune 1672
  • D.E. Johnson
Coherent Beamsstrahlung accelerator, field, focusing, radiation 1698
  • W.L. Spence
Description of a High Rate Luminosity Monitor Installed at CESR accelerator, lattice, radiation, solenoid 1925
  • G.P. Jackson, S.W. Herb
Interaction Regions for e-p and p-p Collisions in the LEP Tunnel electron, insertion, radiation, vacuum 2535
  • G. Guignard, K. Potter, A. Verdier
A Computer Simulation Study of e+e- Storage Ring Performance as a Function of Sextupole Distribution algorithms, sextupole, simulation, tune 2541
  • G.P. Jackson, R.H. Siemann
A New Method for High Luminosity electron, field, ion, positron 2553
  • K. Takayama, A. Ando
U+U Collisions Near the Coulomb Barrier by Crossing Two Co-Circulating Beams electron, ion, scattering, target 2678
  • B. Franzke, Ch. Schmelzer
On the Choice of Positron-Producing Energy in Linac-Injection e Colliders electron, injection, instability, positron 3080
  • J. Xie
Breeding New Light into Old Machines (and New) emittance, linac, photon, scattering 3430
  • J.E. Spencer, S.J. Brodsky
A Second Collider in the CERN LEP Tunnel for pp (p) and ep Physics in the MultiTeV Energy Range collider, field, hadron, proton 3436
  • G. Brianti
Very High Energy Colliders background, electron, proton, spectrum 3828
  • B. Richter