High-Energy Accelerators and Colliders II

Title Page
The CERN SPS Proton-Antiproton Collider 1650
  • B. de Raad
Pulsed Operation of the CERN SPS Collider 1653
  • R. Lauckner
Commissioning the Polarized Beam in the AGS 1656
  • L.G. Ratner, H. Brown, P. Cameron, I.-H. Chiang, E. Courant, D.G. Crabb, C. Gardner, A.D. Krisch, D. Lazarus, Y.Y. Lee, Y. Makdisi, R. Raymond, J.B. Roberts, S. Sidhu, J. Skelly, K.M. Terwilliger, R. Thern
Status of the SLC Damping Rings 1659
  • A.M. Hutton, W.A. Davies-White, J-P. Delahaye, T.H. Fieguth, A. Hofmann, J. Jäger, P.K. Kloeppel, M.J. Lee, W.A. Linebarger, L. Rivkin, M. Ross, R. Ruth, H. Shoaee, M.D. Woodley
Observations of Accelerated High Current Low Emittance Beams in the SLC Linac 1662
  • J.T. Seeman, M.C. Ross, J.C. Sheppard, R.F. Stiening
Design, Installation, and Commissioning of the DØ Overpass at the Fermilab Main Ring 1666
  • R. Gerig, M. May, C. Moore, S. Ohnuma, S. Pruss, F. Turkot
SSC Test Lattice Designs 1669
  • E.D. Courant, D.R. Douglas, A.A. Garren, D.E. Johnson
The BØ Low-Beta Insertion Design for the Tevatron 1672
  • D.E. Johnson
The Tevatron BØ Low-Beta System 1675
  • K. Koepke, E. Fisk, G. Mulholland, H. Pfeffer
Control and Initial Operation of the Fermilab BØ Low Insertion 1678
  • D.A. Finley, R.P. Johnson, F. Willeke
TOM, A Program for Interactive Lattice Design 1681
  • R.P. Johnson, F. Willeke
Performance of the RF Bunch Coalescing System in the Fermilab Main Ring 1684
  • P. Martin, K. Meisner, H. Miller, G. Nicholls, D. Wildman
A Low Level RF System for the Fermilab Tevatron 1687
  • K. Meisner, H. Edwards, J. Fitzgerald, Q. Kerns
Initial Operation of the IHEP Proton Synchrotron with a New Ring Injector 1690
  • Yu. M. Ado, E.A. Myae, A.A. Naumov, M.F. Ovchinnikov, O.N. Radin, V.A. Teplyakov, V.G. Tishin, E.F. Troyanov
ITEP Complex for Proton and Heavy Ion Acceleration 1693
  • N.N. Alexeev, I.V. Chuvilo, L.L. Goldin, B.I. Kruglov, P.I. Lebedev, V.I. Nicolaev, K.K. Onosovsky, V.G. Shevchenko, A.A. Vasiljev, M.A. Veselov, Ju. M. Zlatov, Ju. B. Zudinov
SLC Positron Damping Ring Optics Design 1695
  • J-P. Delahaye, L. Rivkin
Coherent Beamsstrahlung 1698
  • W.L. Spence
Lattices for the Superferric Super Collider 1701
  • S. Heifets, D. Neuffer
The Three Ring Circus 1704
  • P.M. McIntyre, D. Neuffer, W. Schmidt
The TRIUMF Kaon Factory 1707
  • M.K. Craddock, R. Baartman, J. Beveridge, E.W. Blackmore, J.I.M. Botman, R. Burge, W. Cameron, J. Doornbos, T.A. Hodges, W.K. Lacey, D.E. Lobb, G.H. Mackenzie, C.J. Oram, A.J. Otter, F. Pedersen, C.W. Planner, D. Raparia, P.A. Reeve, J.R. Richardson, H.O. Schönauer, G. Stinson, T. Suzuki, I.M. Thorson, R.E. Worsham, C. Yamaguchi
Magnet Lattices for the Proposed TRIUMF KAON Factory 1710
  • J.I.M. Botman, M.K. Craddock, T. Suzuki