PAC1983 Keywords
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Keyword: algorithms

Title Other Keywords Page
A New Method for Longitudinal Emittance Measurements acceleration, accelerator, emittance, pick-up 2198
  • P. Strehl
New Methods to Correct On-Line the Closed Orbit of a Synchrotron Accelerator with Variable Focusing Configuration accelerator, focusing, insertion, software 2284
  • L. Burnod, E. D'Amico
Replacing Mini-Computers by Multi-Microprocessors for the LEP Control System accelerator, maintenance, software 2287
  • J. Altaber, M.C. Crowley-Milling, P.G. Innocenti, R. Rausch
MARYLIE: The Maryland Lie Algebraic Transport and Tracking Code accelerator, fringe fields, lattice 2442
  • D.R. Douglas, A.J. Dragt
Non-Linear Beam-Beam Effects in Present and Future Storage Rings Generalized Birkhoff Method on Conservative Mappings betatron, coupling, electron, polarization 2642
  • M. Pusterla, G. Servizi, G. Turchetti