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Keyword: diagnostics

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Single Pass Antiproton Beam Diagnostics of the CERN PS Accelerator Complex acceleration, accelerator, emittance, pick-up 2167
  • G. Cyvogt, B. Frammery, A. Krusche, R. Maccaferri, M. Ruette, G.C. Schneider, E. Schulte
Computer-Automated Linac Diagnostics and Data Acquisition electron, emittance, linac, quadrupole 2279
  • A. Yeremian, J. Adamski, D. Shoffstall
A High Performance Control System for a Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator accelerator, ion, monitoring, software 2311
  • H.D. Lancaster, S.B. Magyary, R.C. Sah
Applications of FASTBUS to Beam Diagnostics and Experiment Data Systems CAMAC, accelerator, coupling, instrumentation 2328
  • D.R. Machen
Beam Diagnostics of the Triastan Accumulation Ring damping, radiation, tune, x-ray 2356
  • T. Ieiri, H. Ishii, Y. Mizumachi, A. Ogata, J.-L. Pellegrin, M. Tejima
Comparison of Delta Function and Gaussian Wakes for Longitudinal Tracking damping, lattice, simulation, synchrotron 2516
  • D. Brandt
Time-Resolved Electron Beam Diagnostics for the Los Alamos Free-Electron Laser Oscillator Experiment accelerator, electron, field, laser 3139
  • A.H. Lumpkin, C.A. Brau, J.S. Fraser, R.W. Warren
Assembly and Installation of the 2-MeV FMIT Accelerator accelerator, alignment, emittance, linac 3620
  • D. Liska, R. Michelotti