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Keyword: booster

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Intense Antiproton Source for a 20-TeV Collider collider, emittance, lattice, luminosity 2025
  • G.R. Lambertson, C.W. Leemann
The CERN PS Complex as an Antiproton Source accumulation, antiproton, injection, proton 2039
  • The PS Staff
Possibility of Accelerating the Light Nucleus by KEK Proton Synchroton acceleration, field, proton, synchrotron 2045
  • M. Kondoh, K. Muto
Research Efforts on Increase of IHEP Proton Synchrotron Intensity accelerator, betatron, field, injection 2053
  • Yu. M. Ado, E.A. Myae, A.A. Naumov, V.A. Teplyakov, E.F. Troyanov
The Argonne Tandem-Linac Accelerator System acceleration, accelerator, ion, linac 2065
  • L.M. Bollinger
Calibration of the Ring Model for the NSLS Rings accelerator, field, sextupole, x-ray 2219
  • E. Bozoki
A Single Bunch Transfer System for the National Synchrotron Light Source injection, kicker, linac, timing 2225
  • J. Sheehan, W. Rambo, O. Singh
Time and Momentum Exchange for Production and Collection of Intense Antiproton Beams at Fermilab acceptance, antiproton, emittance, proton 2630
  • J. Griffin, J. MacLachlan, A.G. Ruggiero, K. Takayama
A Single Bunch Systrem for the Daresbury SRS chopper, extraction, injection, timing 2633
  • E.A. Hughes, T. Ring, B. Taylor
Application of a Digital Trigger Generator to NSLS Booster and Storage Ring Dipole Power Supplies feedback, field, synchrotron, timing 2865
  • B.B. Culwick, R.E. Olsen
Improved Performance of the Munich Heavy Ion Postacelerator accelerator, bunching, impedance, ion 2983
  • E. Nolte, N. Gärtner, R. Geier, S. Gustavsson, H. Morinaga, U. Ratzinger, W. Schollmeier
Status of the National Synchrotron Light Source emittance, synchrotron, tune, x-ray 3109
  • J.N. Galayda
Dual Aperture Dipole with 2nd Harmonic acceleration, accelerator, field, synchrotron 3675
  • W.F. Praeg