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Keyword: alignment

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Wide Dynamic Range (7 Decades) Beam Position and Profile Measurement for the CERN LEAR antiproton, linac, pick-up, vacuum 2247
  • L. Bernard, C. Dutriat, J. Gabardo, M. Le Gras, P. Têtu, U. Tallgren, D.J. Williams
An R.F. Device for Precision Location of the Beam Position Detectors in the Energy Saver accelerator, ferrite, impedance, vacuum 2250
  • Q.A. Kerns, G.H. Biallas, F. Turkot, R.C. Webber, A. Wehmann
The Space Charge Computer Program SCHAR emittance, field, ion, solenoid 2540
  • R.J. Hayden, M.J. Jakobson
Transport in Rectangular Quadrupole Channels accelerator, quadrupole, vacuum 2555
  • E. Meier
The Advanced Test Accelerator (ATA) Injector cathode, emittance, gun, vacuum 2725
  • C.H. Jackson, D.G. Bubp, T.J. Fessenden, R.E. Hester, V.K. Neil, A.C. Paul, D.S. Prono
Operation of the Tevatron Six-Kilometer-Long Transfer Line accelerator, field, vacuum 2769
  • C.H. Rode, R. Ferry, T. Lincicome, J. Makara, J. Theilacker, R. Walker
Design and Fabrication of the BNL Radio Frequency Quadrupole acceleration, quadrupole, thermal, vacuum 2998
  • R.B. McKenzie-Wilson
Mechanical Design of a Heavy Ion RFQ coupling, ion, thermal, vacuum 3004
  • S. Abbott, R. MacGill, R. Yourd
Improved Field Stability in RFQ Structures with Vane Coupling Rings coupling, field, ion, quadrupole 3007
  • H.R. Schneider, H. Lancaster
Post-Coupler and Stem Current Measurements for High Current cw Drift-Tube Linacs accelerator, cw, field, linac 3013
  • J. Ungrin, S.O. Schriber, R.A. Vokes
Analytical Study of the Generation and Control of Orbit Errors in the ANL 4-GeV cw Electron Microtron Design cw, damping, field, linac 3229
  • R.L. Kustom
Internal Trim Coils for CBA Superconducting Magnets accelerator, field, quadrupole, quench 3372
  • P.A. Thompson, S. Aronson, J.G. Cottingham, M. Garber, H. Hahn, W.B. Sampson
Determination of the rf Leakage Field in the Vacuum Tank of the TRIUMF Cyclotron accelerator, cyclotron, field, vacuum 3514
  • R. Poirier, D. Dohan, G. Dutto, T.A. Enegren, K. Fong, R. Hohbach, V. Pacak
An Equivalent Circuit Model of the General 3-Dimensional RFQ accelerator, field, quadrupole, waveguide 3524
  • R.M. Hutcheon
Mechanical Features of the ATS RFQ Linear Accelerator accelerator, coupling, quadrupole, vacuum 3585
  • N.G. Wilson, T.D. Hayward, G.W. Lind
Assembly and Installation of the 2-MeV FMIT Accelerator accelerator, diagnostics, emittance, linac 3620
  • D. Liska, R. Michelotti
Design of a Versatile ESQ Transport System accelerator, quadrupole, vacuum 3666
  • J. Brodowski